All the best plugin types to improve your SuiteCRM experience


SuiteCRM is one of the best CRM platforms out there, well equipped to meet the needs of its users. With the availability of various modules that allow users to get a full 360-degree view of their operations, businesses that use SuiteCRM can aim to improve their sales and boost their productivity.

However, not all businesses can successfully use an out-of-the-box CRM solution. Every business comes with its own requirements which means that a CRM platform must be modified and personalized according to the needs of the users. This is where the use of SuiteCRM plugins come in.

Plugins act like pre-built integrations that allow users to add different functionalities to their CRM platform without needing to hire development experts that could add additional features. The plugins allow users to expand their CRM functionalities beyond the usual in order to address any specific needs. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular types of SuiteCRM plugins available in the SuiteCRM Store:

Email Plugins

CRM users often require to switch back and forth between the platform and their emails. They also require a lot of information present on one platform to be used at another. With the help of email integration, it is possible for the two platforms to merge together and sync data bi-directionally. Users can access their CRM platform from within their emails. The CRM information can be presented in the form of a side panel, which could show contact details of any email correspondence that the user is currently engaged in. Users can also create new CRM records, archive emails, and schedule meetings with respect to any CRM record. Plugins like the SuiteCRM Outlook plugin for Mac are examples of such applications.

Sync with Google Suite

Google suite is practically used by all business enterprises as they offer a wide range of functionalities and applications such as a calendar, a cloud-based drive, an email platform, and much more. Due to the popular nature of the Google Suite, it is quite reasonable to assume that most if not all SuiteCRM users would like to merge their CRM and its functionalities with the Google Suite. The synchronization of data is done two-way and can help merge CRM contacts and Google contacts together. New Calendar appointments made in SuiteCRM automatically get populated in Google Calendar. Any documents created in Google Docs would also feature in the documents section in the SuiteCRM. Applications like RT GSync are pioneers in providing the best plugin solutions for Google Suite and SuiteCRM.

E-signature made easy

As in the present-day situation, the rising popularity of eCommerce platforms or globalized business enterprises has lead to an increased incidence of remote transactions. With clients and vendors spread all over the world, transactions could take quite some time to go through had there not been for the convenience of eSignatures. With the help of plugins such as DocuSign, users can easily get important contracts and transactions signed from anywhere in the world. With the help of the integration, documents to be signed can be sent right from the CRM platform and the data collected in the process can be used to optimize the business processes.

Add an eCommerce platform

Several businesses that manage an eCommerce platform also need a CRM to organize their workforce and inventory. By linking the two platforms together, both the platforms can benefit from each other’s data. The CRM can be used to manage the inventory and keep track of the transactions, customers, and supply chain, all in one place. The eCommerce platform can make use of this data and ensure that it pitches the right products to the right customer, based on their preferences that can be inferred from the data. By integrating SuiteCRM with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento, users can boost their sales and seamlessly organize their business processes.

Kanban Plugin

Kanban is a method to manage and improve work performance in various applications by visually representing tasks and workforce on a Kanban board so that the entire workforce can be kept up-to-date on the tasks that need to be performed. Using plugins like Kanban Ninja, users can integrate the Kanban view into their SuiteCRM platform. The Kanban view uses the CRM data and maps it in an organized flow so that users can view the overall productivity and efficiency in the workforce.

Integrate with video conferencing software

The need to integrate video conferencing software with CRM, such as the integration of Zoom with CRM platforms, is essential for maintaining contact with faraway clients and remote working teams. With the help of the integration, users can create Zoom meetings from within the CRM platform and start the meetings from a single click, right from the SuiteCRM interface. The CRM’s contact module can be used to access various clients when needed for calls.

Enhance Security

SuiteCRM can be further made secure by integrating with plugins that offer data security to its users. Businesses can assure their clients that their sensitive data is being dealt with in a manner that ensures their security. The users’ data also needs to be kept secure so as to not leak any sensitive business information. Plugins like SecuritySuite allows SuiteCRM users to access certain data at certain security clearances and helps boost efficiency by providing the right data at the right time.

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