5 Best CRM Integration for your Business in 2020


Are you looking to achieve synergy with your CRM platform? It’s simple and imperative to optimize your business processes. So, how do you go about it? As CRM plays a major role in your day-to-day business operations, it’s extremely important that it meets your business needs. For example, if you find yourself multitasking and juggling between different calendars and work-related software, you are wasting a lot of time. With CRM integration, you can work efficiently with all your business applications in one place and consequently save a lot of time.

What is CRM Integration?

In simple words, CRM integration makes your CRM and other software/website work together seamlessly. After integration, your CRM won’t just be a platform to save all your customer data and you will be able to amplify its functionalities and use multiple different software platforms within it i.e. QuickBooks, PayPal, etc. To top it all, SuiteCRM works efficiently with most of the business software out there because of its open-source nature so you can’t really go wrong with a SuiteCRM Integration.

5 SuiteCRM Integration To Up your Game

In this article, we will highlight 5 must-have SuiteCRM integration that has the potential to improve the productivity of your team and drive profits. So, are you ready to revolutionize your business? Read on to find out which CRM integration will work best for your business.

Efficient Accounting with Xero integration

Are you planning to see a boost in your sales figures? With all the hard work, it is equally important to utilize your accounting software to determine trends, and have a proactive approach. You can do this by keeping all your business platforms in one place. But, how is this done? A simple way is to get CRM integration done. Increase the functionality of your CRM and manage your payrolls and invoices seamlessly. Presently, Xero CRM integration has become the ultimate choice of many small businesses for streamlining their accounting processes. If you haven’t got your SuiteCRM and Xero integration, you must get it done right away for better decision-making – before your counterparts get a competitive advantage.

Improved Customer Service with Zendesk Integration

Your planning and resources go to waste if the customers aren’t happy. This calls for top-notch customer service. One way to keep your customers satisfied is through the use of customer service portals such as Zendesk. It integrates smoothly with SuiteCRM and helps to minimize bottlenecks in your customer service. This will reduce the lags in communication and help you in keeping a track of all your calls, so you can streamline your communication processes. You can also get SuiteCRM integration with RingCentral to deliver good customer service and keep your customers happy.

Fast Communication with G Suite integration

Email has become a pivotal point of communication for every business. When the inbox is flooded with emails, a lot of time is wasted in keeping track of communication. At this point, CRM integration will enable you in going the next mile to increase your productivity. So with SuiteCRM G Suite integration, you will have fast communication with not just your customers but also within the company. You will have your different Google cloud solutions in one place. Many companies have their G Suite integrated with the CRM, and it turned out to be a game-changing move for the business.

Get To Know Your Customers with Facebook/Twitter integration

Do you want to develop a deeper connection with your customers? Get to know their needs and segment your customers accordingly with CRM and social media integration. This will help you in having a clear target market. Moreover, you will see your online impact amplified if you personalize campaigns by CRM integration with Facebook. Make the best use of your SuiteCRM by integrating it with different social media platforms. If you are trying to maximize your customer outreach, try CRM and Twitter integration and see your leads database grow.

Easy Data Migration with Pentaho Integration

It isn’t easy to migrate to a new platform with your data for years. This gives rise to a number of concerns regarding the smooth, secure, and complete migration of data. As you make a shift to SuiteCRM, it will be important to get all your data migrated to it without any hassle. There is no better choice than Pentaho for this because it will integrate seamlessly with your CRM. With this, you will see how it is quite easy to use visualization tools to interpret big data in your CRM and from various other sources. Hence, you can rationalize your choices and plan ahead of time.

Key Takeaway!

As more businesses are adopting the latest technologies, it is important to leverage your CRM in the best way. We have covered the top 5 CRM integration for 2020. There’s much more you can do with it! If you are looking for more integration, head on over to read WordPress integration with SuiteCRM or revolutionize your marketing automation with Mailchimp. If you couldn’t find the integration you need in our list, simply get in touch. We’ve integrated more than 150 different platforms with SuiteCRM.

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