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If your business, which uses SuiteCRM, has a website which acts as a major touch-point for your interaction with your customers, then there is a solution available which can add efficiency to your business processes. That solution is the integration of SuiteCRM with WordPress, hence connecting your WordPress website to your SuiteCRM. Learn all the ways in which this can benefit your business.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an extremely popular tool used for the creation and maintenance of websites. In other words, it is a free, open-source Content Management System (CMS) which is primarily used as a tool for blogging but is also used for websites. WordPress is possibly the most popular CMS in the market, with a huge community of contributors and developers.

SuiteCRM WordPress Integration

The benefits of using SuiteCRM, or any CRM for that matter, are limitless. This is due to a number of reasons, one being the option of integrating it with third-party applications or plugins. One such example of CRM integration is WordPress integration with SuiteCRM. CRM integrations lead to an increase in the functionality of the software solution, especially if it’s an open-source CRM like SuiteCRM.

Benefits of SuiteCRM and WordPress Integration

The benefits of this integration have compelled people to have their CRM instances integrated with WordPress. One benefit, that has already been mentioned, is that there is an increase in the scope of functions that can be performed from within the CRM. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of the business since the need to switch between multiple programs and windows has been eliminated and any task carried out from either of the programs will automatically update the database of the other. Therefore, data re-entry in multiple databases will also no longer be required.

This was just one of the benefits of integrating WordPress with SuiteCRM. More benefits are outlined below.

Automatic Creation of Leads

After this integration has taken place, whenever a new user visits your website and fills the contact form, this integration would allow WordPress to create a new lead for that user in your SuiteCRM, with all the relevant information such as the user’s email address and the time that he filled the contact form, entered into the CRM. This is useful in a number of ways. For one, workflows have been automated, making certain business processes more efficient. Furthermore, this helps the customer service representatives of the business to follow up on those leads in a timely manner, improving on their customer service standards.

Availability of Website Performance Statistics

This integration can provide you certain important statistics regarding the performance of your website from within your SuiteCRM. Such relevant statistics would include the most popular webpages sending the most number of leads, the number of visitors that you have at a given point in time, and more. Using these statistics, you can optimize your website in its function as a point of interaction of you and your customers.

Lead Form Building and Personalization

Now, you can also easily generate lead forms in WordPress. The process involves easy drag-and-drop functionality, resulting in decently crafted lead forms. Such forms also allow leads and opportunities to be created automatically in SuiteCRM when the visitors of your website fill them. Finally, these lead forms can be personalized, through this integration, to reflect the brand image of your business.

Better Lead Insights

SuiteCRM integration with WordPress enables the tracking of leads that have visited your website. The information gained this way would include the activity of leads on your website plus all the interactions that they have had with you. Furthermore, with SuiteCRM integration with Survey platforms or other form plugins or with the use of lead forms, all the data regarding your leads can be collected and organized at one place.

Ability to Connect with Leads

With the proper tools and SuiteCRM plugins and integrations in place, businesses can also chat with their prospects and customers, that too, in real time. These integrations would include SuiteCRM integration with RingCentral Virtual PBX. Hence, better management of relationships with your customers.

RT CXM – Plugin for Integrating WordPress with SuiteCRM

RT CXM acts as a connector of WordPress for SuiteCRM. This plugin was primarily designed to facilitate businesses in Customer Experience Management (CXM). RT CXM does this by integrating the WordPress website of the business with its CRM. However, even those businesses with the goal of combining their website with their SuiteCRM can achieve their goal using RT CXM.

There are a number of features that come with RT CXM. Those features include:

  • Website activity tracking
  • Automatic lead creation and data acquisition
  • Real-time chats between SuiteCRM and website user
  • Sales insights – suggestions and alerts on potential sales
  • Customer lifetime tracking

Key Takeaways!

WordPress is the tool of choice for people who want to create or maintain a robust website. Furthermore, it offers the option of being integrated with various CRM solutions, especially SuiteCRM. The number of benefits of having a CRM in place rise exponentially when you integrate your CRM with your WordPress website. Benefits of such integration include automatic lead creation in SuiteCRM, easily accessible website performance statistics, a larger pool of information resources regarding leads, and more. Furthermore, for those who do want to reap such benefits, there is a solution available which connects your SuiteCRM to your WordPress website. That solution is in the form of a SuiteCRM plugin, named RT CXM.

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