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SuiteCRM is the industry standard open source CRM with benefits that warrant a blog post of their own, and we’ve got you covered on that front with our Key Benefits of SuiteCRM. But going back to the topic at hand, SuiteCRM, despite being the best open source CRM on the market, doesn’t have a native mobile app for Android or iOS.

SuiteCRM itself is responsive, which means it can easily open on your mobile phone, but the user control, flexibility, and accessibility of a mobile app have no comparison.

But we have good news: RT Dynamic, with its dynamic Mobile Development team can create native and responsive mobile applications for your SuiteCRM instance. What this means is that all your SuiteCRM workflows, designs, and custom views will be replicated onto a secure mobile application that can be used as a substitute for your SuiteCRM. Your SuiteCRM app will synchronize with your SuiteCRM and all updates and changes will be bi-directional, ensuring that all users are on the same page at all times.

The SuiteCRM Mobile App comes with a plethora of benefits that can give your business the edge it needs to exceed expectations and deliver on all fronts. Making the most of mobile device capabilities, this CRM app will make sure that you can manage and edit your CRM data anytime and anywhere.

Here we outline four ways in which a SuiteCRM app can benefit your business and improve ROI.

Responsive Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is at the heart of successful businesses these days. With the world fully immersed in a subscription based era, customer engagement is a decisive way to ensure you keep getting recurring business and develop an advantage over your competitors. With a SuiteCRM mobile app, your sales team is literally a tap of a screen away from your leads. They can correspond with and engage the lead from anywhere instead of being confined to their office. The SuiteCRM app can also be integrated with numerous third party platforms, i.e. Google Maps API to give you a visual representation of your client’s location. The benefits of a mobile CRM app go as far as one can imagine.

Increase User Adoption

The SuiteCRM platform is responsive, but viewing the same instance on a phone is different than viewing it on a desktop, and this hurts the user experience to a certain degree. Users might not prefer viewing the instance on their mobile device due to a number of usability issues. A SuiteCRM app solves these problems and presents a seamless and consistent experience across both mobile and desktop. This improves your adoption rates and saves you time. Not to mention the importance of the right information at the right time.

Real-Time Updates

With the SuiteCRM Mobile App, your CRM is updated in real-time. No longer do sales agents out in the field have to wait until they get back to the office to update the CRM. The CRM App works as a substitute for the desktop platform, and all updates are synchronized in real time. Let’s say a particular lead wants to schedule a meeting. A sales agent out in the field will be notified through the SuiteCRM Mobile App and can schedule one if he’s in the vicinity or choose a later time. The spontaneous nature of the updates ensure all sales agents have the information they need.

Third-Party Integration

You can integrate your SuiteCRM app with numerous different third party platforms, similar to the integration with the Google API. With the added benefits of mobile functionality, this can help you maximise the potential of your SuiteCRM.

The following third-party platforms can readily be integrated with your SuiteCRM mobile app:

RT GSync: Synchronize Google apps with SuiteCRM

RT Telephony: Synchronize Twilio with SuiteCRM

RT SalesMap: Synchronize Google Maps with SuiteCRM

Head on over for more on SuiteCRM Plugins.

Our Two Bits!

With the help of SuiteCRM Mobile App, businesses can develop richer and meaningful relationships with clients and equip their workforce with all the tools and resources needed to excel and grow.

RT Dynamic is a SuiteCRM Official Partner. Get in touch for a Free Consultation Session and we’ll plan out a mobile implementation for your SuiteCRM.

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