6 Reasons Why It’s Time for a New CRM System


Are you and your company finding it hard to manage your business with your current CRM? Does your team now prefer other platforms instead of your CRM? Has your business outgrown the CRM and feel limited because of it? If any of these ring a bell then you’re in dire need of a new CRM platform.

If you are facing these problems with your CRM platform, then it’s time for a change. But before we proceed, you need to first identify your business needs so you don’t end up in the same situation down the road again. If your CRM is not helping you deliver meaningful customer experiences and optimizing the sales funnel, it is something of grave concern and can seriously hurt your business growth.

Your first step right now should be to figure out the problems that you are facing because of your CRM and then see how they can be fixed by making modifications to your current CRM. If you can’t rework a solution with your current CRM platform, go for a new CRM instantly.

6 Reasons That Demand a New CRM System

Let’s take a look at 6 reasons that absolutely warrant a CRM switch and how you should go about it in your company.

User Adoption Issues

If your team is reluctant in using the current CRM, you can go for platform gamification to help employees feel invested in the platform and consequently use it more to enhance their training and increase CRM user adoption.

However, if the issue persists and your team finds your current CRM solution too complicated to use because of difficult CRM interface and lack of a routine guide, then you must go for a new CRM system.

Non-Availability of a Cloud or Mobile Version

Another reason for CRM switch is the need for new deployment possibilities. As your company grows, it requires a flexible plan to have scalable growth. Now, if your CRM does not allow you opportunities for flexible deployment and remote accessibility, then it’s time for a CRM change. Companies that are reluctant to switch their CRM platform risk their business efficiency and miss out on opportunities for exponential growth.

Imagine utilizing mobile CRM and being able to solve all your business problems on the fly. This will bring your business to your fingertips, so you can accelerate your revenues. Many companies have revolutionized their business with the SuiteCRM mobile app. Maybe, you would want to have a look at it too?

CRM Platform Not Suitable for Business Needs

One major reason that companies go for a CRM switch is when their current CRM solution is not up to the mark for their business processes. This usually happens when the company has outgrown its CRM due to complex mechanisms or expanding its business functions. There are some CRMs such as SuiteCRM which is an open-source platform and lets you modify and grow your CRM capabilities with the growth of your business. When going big, simply go for SuiteCRM customization and leverage this open-source platform to maximize your profits and have a higher ROI.

CRM Does Not Support Integration

Many businesses use multiple software to perform their business tasks. This results in a lot of switching between different platforms, resulting in a waste of time and effort. To avoid such issues so that you can focus on improving your customer’s experiences, you should aim for a competitive advantage with CRM integrations.

Imagine having all your business data from multiple platforms inside your CRM. Now, if you use SuiteCRM, you can up your business game through seamless integration with third-party software such as QuickBooks, G Suite, and Facebook, etc. This will boost your productivity considerably, and help you drive greater profits.

CRM is Not GDPR Compliant

CRM is the ultimate database of all your customers. This means a lot of care should be taken to protect the data of your customers and prospects. Now, if you are a company operating in the EU or you have data of EU citizens, you need to take special measures to ensure that your CRM is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

So, if your current CRM platform is not GDPR compliant, you need to go for a CRM switch right away. This will save you from legal troubles and give you the opportunity to win the trust of your customers.

If GDPR compliance is your main reason for a CRM change, there is no better option than SuiteASSURED. With improved security and privacy features, SuiteASSURED is the leading choice of compliance-driven companies. So, make the decision wisely and cut the delay in unlocking your business potential with the right CRM.

CRM Solution Is Expensive

For a business to grow, it is important to have a sound ROI on each investment. If you are using a CRM that does not provide you enough bang for your buck, it’s time for CRM change. This usually happens when you require CRM customization or integration to be done to your CRM, but it turns out to be quite expensive. Thus, if your business is evolving and you need a flexible CRM platform, go for SuiteCRM.

Being an open-source platform, SuiteCRM can be easily customized with the help of Certified Developers. In this way, you’re investing in a SuiteCRM platform that is custom-built for your exact business needs and can be scaled if and when required, compared to a generic proprietary CRM that may or may not meet your business needs properly.

Final Thoughts!

If any of these reasons sound familiar to your current CRM predicament, then you should consider going for CRM change. Take the decision wisely to maximize your ROI while investing in a CRM and see your business reach greater heights of success!

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