Why CRM Is Better Than a Business Management Software for Small Businesses?


CRM software can be a game-changer for small businesses. In this hyper-competitive economy, you can gain a competitive advantage by creating meaningful customer relationships.

Even though many companies have adopted business management software for small business, they still aren’t getting the desired results out of their investment. But there are still a few companies that stand out amongst competitors and are able to run their business seamlessly.

So, what are these companies doing differently and which business software are they using?

According to statistics, 91% of the companies with 10 or more employees use a CRM platform.

Let’s find out if investing in CRM software for small businesses is worthwhile and how it will skyrocket growth in your company.

Sales Management

Sales play a crucial role in any business. Optimize the sales funnel by leveraging the CRM platform to increase your sales funnel conversion. Just like sales management software, SuiteCRM will make it easy for you to align your sales and marketing efforts. Moreover, you can maintain a record of all your leads so there aren’t any delays in communication.

For better strategizing, it’s important to have accurate reporting and forecasting of sales. Based on the leads data, market trends and other stakeholders, you can get actionable insights from your data. Additionally, the CRM platform ensures that sales reps get a 360-degree view of all sales opportunities and streamline pipeline management.

Client Management

The more you know your clients, the better it is for your business. CRM software will serve as the best client management software for small businesses as it lets you deliver personalized customer experiences by keeping track of each interaction.

Contact Management

Respond to customer queries fast and efficiently by keeping your sales and customer service team on the same page. With the CRM software, you will have all your data in a unified platform with all your customer details just a click away.

Hence, leveraging CRM as the best contact management system will help to organize contacts, manage and store leads and streamline communication with the clients.

Better Marketing

According to research, 63% of the companies outgrowing their competitors are using marketing automation.

By integrating your CRM platform with the best marketing software for small businesses, you can get actionable insights. It will let you know how your customers behave. CRM users can pull data from the social media profiles of their customers, track their interaction with your brand and understand consumer preferences.

By leveraging CRM as the top marketing software for business, you can deliver personalized marketing campaigns to boost your business growth. With marketing automation in CRM, you can contact prospects at the right time with the required information.

Moreover, it will also help in lead nurturing so you don’t miss out on any new business opportunities. Run drip campaigns and do effective campaign management- all within your CRM.

Inventory Management

Keep track of inventory and deliver items timely with the best inventory management software for small businesses. By customizing your CRM for inventory management, you can accelerate revenues and have easy access to all your data and get quick references for quotes, inventory stocking and invoicing.

Accounting Management

Switching between different software is time-consuming and repetitive. To ensure that your team makes the best use of their time, you must leverage CRM software.

Not only does it streamline your customer relationship management but it also lets you efficiently manage your accounts through integration with third-party accounting platforms.

Moreover, if you just want to use a single platform for all your business processes, then you can go for CRM customization for accounting purposes. Get the help of highly-skilled SuiteCRM developers and leverage CRM as the best accounting management software for small businesses.

Expense Management

With CRM software, you can manage expenses in real-time and run your business processes smoothly. Just like expense management software, you can easily process payments through CRM and keep your budgeting on track.

Project Management

Most often, a lot of time is wasted in unnecessary meetings and repetitive tasks. Boost your team’s productivity with the CRM platform and leverage it as the best project management software for small businesses.

Be it managing projects, budgeting, internal and external communication, meeting deadlines and giving deliverables; CRM will be your best project management software for small businesses.

Task Management

In a small business, teams have to do multi-tasking and ensure that they make the most of their time to run the company efficiently. With CRM implementation, you will have all your data at a glimpse to seamlessly manage all the tasks, assign duties to employees and capture all opportunities.

What Are You Waiting For?

According to Nucleus Research, every dollar spent on CRM investment results in $8.71 in sales revenue. Not just this, CRM software for small businesses will streamline all your business processes and be a driving force in delivering meaningful customer relationships.

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