Take the Stress out of Sales with Kanban


A business lives and dies by the performance of its sales team. Businesses both big and small are always looking for processes and software solutions that could simplify the job for the salespeople and make it easier for managers to keep an eye on the progress.

One of the most popular products for this very reason is CRM software. Businesses like the intuitive nature of such software which gives managers an easy view of the whole pipeline while also allowing the sales team to work more efficiently in following leads and turning opportunities into sales.

Still, CRM software has its limitations:

  • The process of advancing an item through the pipeline is unnecessarily long: you open a record in detail view, then edit and change the appropriate field’s value. 
  • There is no way for a manager to gain any contextual information. In a list view with all records listed at once, it is impossible to determine how one sales item is doing relative to another, or if any of the stages in the pipeline is stalling for some reason.

Kanban Boards

Let’s look at some famous SuiteCRM plugins, this is where Kanban comes in. Kanban boards is an idea consisting of cards arranged in columns, with the ability to shift them around with an interactive interface. Each column can represent a key value, with the idea being that you can filter all items by an entity and group it by different values so that you have the complete picture of how items are distributed and where each item is in relation to the other.

From a CRM perspective, imagine that all your potential sales are arranged as cards in columns where each column represents a stage in the pipeline. This way, you know how many sales are in each stage as well as if one stage has more items in it compared to others.

What’s more, the salespeople can simply drag and drop a card from one column to the other, when moving an item along the pipeline. This is a contrast to having to edit a record’s field after opening it in detail view which is a tedious process, but the only way to do things in traditional CRMs. No more.

RT Dynamic Boards

Now that you’ve seen what Kanban can do to enhance the CRM experience, let us tell you about the other features that we offer in our Kanban solution for SuiteCRM, Dynamic Boards.

Not only do you get the improved view which adds context to your sales, and the ability to easily progress items avoiding the drawn out process of editing fields for each record, you can also:

  1. Mark a sale as closed won or closed lost with the same drag and drop simplicity.
  2. Set your own success and failure criteria if you don’t want to mark sales closed right away.
  3. See important information such as account name, assignee, and value of an item directly on the card without having to look through the detail view.
  4. Interact with the concerned account or contact about the sale record from within the Kanban view, because each card has buttons for email, phone, or even to take notes or add a calendar event for that record.
  5. Have all of these features available for Opportunities, Leads, as well as Cases modules.

With such simplification of sales operations, Dynamic Boards takes the stress out of sales for the staff and allows managers to stay on top of things much more easily.

How to get Dynamic Boards for SuiteCRM

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