SuiteCRM in the Education Industry: Features and Benefits


With the education industry growing at a rapid pace, it is the need of the hour to manage the ever-increasing data and streamline the processes. From small educational institutes to large universities, there is a large database that the administration has to maintain. This usually results in large files on the computer and stacks of paper. To make the management process efficient in the Education industry, it is imperative to use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Why Use SuiteCRM in the Education Industry?

SuiteCRM is an open source platform and allows any organization to customize it according to the requirements. This makes it quite flexible and easy to use. Hence, SuiteCRM has the potential to revamp the Education industry. We understand that maintaining records is a monotonous task. Hence, SuiteCRM is here to rescue you as it will make the process more efficient. It can be easily used to manage the documentation of your institute smoothly. Now, your institute won’t lag behind due to mismanagement in the administrative tasks. With little customization of SuiteCRM, the CRM will become fully adaptable to the requirements of your institute.

Benefits of SuiteCRM for Education Industry

In this article, you will learn about how a SuiteCRM instance is beneficial for the Education industry. Moreover, you will also get an in-depth understanding of how its features are beneficial for your educational institute. Let’s begin!

Student’s Life-Cycle Management

SuiteCRM can help you keep track of student’s life-cycle right from the beginning of their enrollment to course completion. In schools, it is crucial to retain the students. So, with SuiteCRM, the institute can monitor the student’s progress.You can also grab this opportunity to have several touch points with the students throughout their tenure at the institute. As the students graduate, the SuiteCRM can be utilized to engage with them through personalized communication channels.

Simplify Admission Process

With SuiteCRM, the admission process will become smooth and fast. There won’t be any lags in keeping track of the applicants and the data will be in one place. Therefore, it will be easy to manage the excessive flow of admission applications. The applicants can be easily contacted through the CRM database via email or SMS. In this way, SuiteCRM will take care of the entire admission process.

Fast Communication

As it is important for an educational institute to communicate with all the stakeholders, there is always a long mailing list. Therefore, using SuiteCRM, the email records can be maintained for future references. You can also improve communication tremendously with the RT GSync plugin that synchronizes SuiteCRM with your G Suite. This makes the process of contacting parents, students and alumni quite efficient. Hence, it proves the SuiteCRM to be of great value in the Education industry.

Handle Student Inquiries

We understand that administration in institutes is flooded with student inquiries. You can save a lot of time by managing the process online using SuiteCRM. Now, there won’t be long lines outside the administration offices and communication will be easy and quick.

Better Reporting

For an educational institute to progress, it is important to assess its performance. There are many reports related to students, teachers, staff and external stakeholders that need to be made. Are you overwhelmed with lots of data and boring reports? Does it get difficult to interpret all the important information due to a bad report layout? You are at the right place to find the solution. With SuiteCRM, you can create custom reports and do a thorough performance analysis. This will help your institution in achieving its goals.

Monitoring Fee Payments

For any institute, it’s important to have a robust fee management system. As SuiteCRM automates the system, it lessens the chance of any discrepancies. Therefore, you can use SuiteCRM to ensure smooth financial management. Moreover, you can also give parents the option of paying the fee online through CRM integration with different payment gateways.

Track Your Leads

Nowadays, due to intense competition, universities and colleges struggle to attract the top talent. This calls for a well-defined marketing strategy to highlight their unique programs and education quality. Whether you are running an online marketing campaign or holding open houses, it is important to keep a track of all your potential leads. This will help in keeping your marketing campaigns focused with smart budgeting. Through SuiteCRM Integration with Marketing Automation Platforms, you can monitor your social media and email marketing channels. Therefore, you can maintain a database of all your leads and reach out to them.

Streamline Faculty Management

Without a doubt, teachers play an integral role in any educational institute. Attracting highly competent teachers and having efficient processes and resources for teachers’ career development is important. So, you can use SuiteCRM to reach out to teachers, streamline the hiring process and conduct faculty evaluations.

Build Lifelong Alumni Relations

In any educational institute, alumni play a major role in shaping its image in the outside world. They have the potential to give back to their institute in the form of student counseling. They can also help the graduating students with employment opportunities. Along with this, alumni also express gratitude to their Alma Mater through donations. So, the schools and universities can benefit from building long-lasting relations with its alumni. But how to manage the large databases and stay in touch with the graduated students? Worry no more, as you can do all this through SuiteCRM and provide an enriching experience to your students and alumni.

Key Takeaway!

All in all, the implementation of SuiteCRM in Education industry is beneficial for all the stakeholders. With increasing competition, robust and tech-savvy solutions can help your institute to stay ahead of its competitors. It will help you to streamline administrative processes, making them time and cost effective. Moreover, it will facilitate you to provide an enriching experience to anybody who engages with your institute. The benefits highlighted above are some of the ways you can leverage SuiteCRM. This will surely take your institute to the next level.

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