5 Reasons why you need a SuiteCRM


CRM software have spread around businesses like wildfire in the last decade. What once used to be a standalone platform for consolidating data has grown in features, integration and size to something extremely important in a relatively short time-span. Business large and small have adopted it all the same. So much so that in today’s day and age, you cannot function at your best without a CRM. Here we look at 5 reasons why you need SuiteCRM, an open source free platform.


SuiteCRM presents the perfect more for less philosophy by being the only free CRM platform in the industry. It comes with standard features i.e. accounts, quotes, opportunities etc making it the perfect fit for your day-to-day activities. For industry vertical specific features, you can have customization and plugins of your choice added by our SuiteCRM developers.


SuiteCRM comes with a simple and easy user interface making migration all the more easy and effective. SuiteCRM shows high user adoption rates due to this very reason. You’d find no problem converting your data to a CRM.


Standard CRM functionality seldom covers all aspects of your organizational needs so all CRM platforms come with customization options. However with SuiteCRM, the sky’s the limit. The open source CRM platform comes with a plethora of integration at its disposal. You can combine it with payment gateways and email software to get the most out of your SuiteCRM.


Handle astronomical amounts of data in a jiffy with SuiteCRM. SuiteCRM lets you combine data from any number of sources and gives you amazing features to get the analytics you need. SuiteCRM comes with built-in basic reports and the customization options lets you create the reports that fit your demands.


SuiteCRM comes with an inbuilt marketing feature that can assist you in your marketing efforts. It comes with its own email module and calculates ROI on its own. The built-in marketing feature lets you run marketing campaigns from within SuiteCRM, consolidating your workflow in one place. You can also customize it to capture information from forms directly into SuiteCRM.


Use SuiteCRM to manage customer relationships and streamline your workflow, all without putting a dent on your budget. Get in touch now!

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