Social Media Marketing with Odoo 15


In today’s business world, social marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Not only traditional marketing but also social media marketing can help improve business-to-customer relationships.

Features of Social Media Marketing

Odoo’s Social Marketing module is a powerful marketing tool that allows your customers to actively participate in marketing campaigns, allowing you to grow your business quickly. You’ll be able to use prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram with Odoo 15. By using odoo social media marketing campaign,

· You can directly send posts or schedule them on key social media platforms to reach as many customers and leads as possible.

· You can send Web Push Up notifications to your website subscribers.

· From the module’s dashboard, you may communicate with your community directly via streams such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Usage and Configuration

This is one social media marketing campaign module of Odoo 15. You have to include social media site in Odoo if you are planning to start marketing with other social media applications.  Once you create this stream then it’s very easy to use this module. You will follow the below-mentioned steps to add a stream on the website.

1.   Go to social marketing application.

2.  Create a dashboard click on an add stream button and add a social media account.

3.   It will then give your number of options to a set of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

4.  Once you select the social media platform you would like to market with, you will allow the site to link to your social media accounts. After this, odoo will automatically send you to the feed and a column with publication will be created.

5.  If you want to create content on social media, you can do so by either New Post Option or through a button from the dashboard.

Here you can customize the complete post form. Choose the social media platform where you’d like to share the marketing message. Except for Push notification choices, all you have to do is configure the complete procedure, including the message and the files you wish to upload as the post.

You may get a full overview of your posts using the Calendar function of Odoo’s social marketing module. You have a full overview of the entire process, including draught postings and posts that are scheduled to be published later. From the Post tab, you can access the calendar option. The calendar page will be opened once you click on the calendar button and that provides the overview of all the posts. If you have scheduled numerous posts for different social media platforms, with the help of this feature, you can manage all the posts and can overview the whole process for marketing purposes.

Push Notifications

In marketing messages, the web pushup notification option is important. You can use this function to send notifications to your customers’ smartphones. This functionality can be used to tell customers about new programs, product releases, news, articles, updates, product information, and more. To do so, you’ll need the users’ permission, so they can be assured that their information is secure. You can enable this option by scrolling down to the Web push notification area in the Website setup settings.

The Web pushup notification tool can be accessed through the Social marketing module when it has been configured. You can choose to deliver Push-Up notifications to individuals or groups of visitors. View the online visitors by going to the Visitors tab in the Social marketing tool. Visitors who are online will be represented by a green dot, while those who are offline will be represented by a red dot. Only those visitors who are online can receive notifications.


The Campaign tab of the Social marketing module allows you to build and manage campaigns in the module. To create or manage campaigns, click on Campaign, it will take you to configure tab, where you will enter the details and set the person responsible for campaigns. Furthermore when you click on the add button newly created campaign will be saved automatically. You have a range of options for informing your visitors or customers about the new campaign. The campaign can be sent via social media, SMS, or push notification. Odoo will show you the setup page for the option you selected when you select the desired location to send the campaign information to.

You’ll also have access to every detail about the campaign, for instance, you can include details on Revenues, Quotations, Opportunities, and even the amount of clicks on the campaign you sent. Get real-time updates about your campaign to help you improve and develop your marketing approach.

Odoo’s social marketing module is filled with complex capabilities, including a live chat tool, to ensure that no one from your company goes unnoticed. Through social media, you may sell your products effectively. With Odoo’s strong support for the most prominent social media networks, you can effortlessly sell your items through them. You may send and manage marketing information with the websites by integrating the website module. Using every function and tool available in the module can significantly boost your marketing plan.

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