Must-Have CRM Features for Insurance Agencies


Every business has its own unique set of requirements. However, for businesses belonging to the same industry vertical, some of these requirements do tend to overlap. Such is the case of insurance agencies. Even though each insurance company has its own distinct set of workflows and business processes to follow, there are some similarities in the CRM requirements of all the insurance agencies. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable requirements and how SuiteCRM meets them effortlessly.

Telephony Integration

Since there is seldom contact between the insurance agencies and their clients, due to the nature of the service provided, there tends to be a communication gap between both the parties. In order to eliminate such a communication gap, it would be recommended to integrate your CRM with Twilio or Asterisk. Using such form of SuiteCRM integration, you would be able to stay in touch with your clients, hence staying up-to-date with their activities and personal preferences while they are also constantly updated with information regarding their current policies as well as any new offerings by their insurance agency. Follow the link to learn more about Computer Telephony Integration with CRM.

QuickBooks Integration

Insurance Agencies operate within the financial services industry, and accounting is trivial to the core operations of insurance agencies, it would be beneficial for such businesses to integrate their SuiteCRM with accounting applications, such as QuickBooks or Xero. Hence, this will not only increase the effectiveness of the CRM software, since more will be accomplished from within the CRM, but also automatically update the accounting software with any new data entered. It will also increases the efficiency since the need for constantly switching between programs and windows as well as repetitive data entry will be eliminated. This will ultimately lead to maximization of the CRM ROI.

Mobile CRM Features

Other features that would better assist the insurance agencies with their CRM implementation would include Mobile CRM features, assisting the insurance policy salesmen when they deliver their sales presentation, enabling them to customize their presentation according to the target leads, their personal preferences and individual needs.

Module and Workflow Customization

Customized workflows and their automation would also be desired since it cuts down on the need to perform repetitive actions, hence, adding to the efficiency of the business. Custom fields and modules would be required to align the CRM solution to not only the individual business that has implemented it, but also to the entire industry vertical. Finally, having robust reporting features would also be a plus, since no business can function well unless there is proper documentation being maintained about the activities of the business as well as the results obtained. Reports would not only be required to comprehend the benefits to the company due to the CRM implementation, but also the use of CRM in various business processes.

Key Takeaway!

Apart from these features that can be classified as ‘must-have’ features, other features can also be deemed as desirable. These might include e-mail marketing or electronic digital signature features, that are a result of integrating your CRM with third-party applications or plugins. But as far as absolutely necessary features go, these are some of the most sought after customization and integration in SuiteCRM when it comes to Insurance agencies and organizations.

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