Here’s What You Should Know About Social CRM


The last decade has shown that social media is here to stay. More than 3 billion of the 7 billion world population have active social media accounts, and if numbers are anything to go by, this will only increase henceforth. The advent of social media has completely transformed the way customers interact with businesses and vice versa. But how businesses tap into this world of social technology is a talking point among many corridors. The daily usage of social media by these billions of people presents an opportunity for organizations to extract meaningful insights and data that can be used to target their effort in the right way. And they can do it with a Social CRM. A Social CRM is an integration of your SuiteCRM with social media platforms that helps you bring all your customer data into your CRM for meaningful analysis and insights. Let’s take a look at why you should make your SuiteCRM a Social CRM.

Identify Sales Opportunities

By integrating social media platforms with SuiteCRM, the resultant Social CRM can track your business on social media platforms and tell you what people are talking about with respect to your business. Identifying these trends can help you refine your products and services, as well as find people who are looking for more from their current products. You can then cross-sell or up-sell them in a manner that is both natural and convincing. You can also put tickers on whenever your brand name is mentioned on social media platforms. This will help you dive deeper into what customer perceptions resonate with about your brand and from there you can right the wrongs to truly improve your ROI. Perhaps there are issues with your website from a UI perspective that the web team couldn’t identify. You can use these social media insights to gauge your audience’s responses and find these nitty-gritty complexities.

Detailed Customer Profiles

Find deeper insights into how your customers interact and envision a product by creating elaborate customer profiles in your SuiteCRM by using the data from social media. You can create multiple filters and segment your customers based on demographics, jobs, interests, activities, and history with your business. These detailed customer profiles will help you extensively in market research, product design, and then marketing that product to your audience. You can identify the right target market and aggressively market your product only to that particular group for maximum benefit.

Take a look at how SuiteCRM improves Customer Management.

Unanimous Customer Approach

By integrating social media platforms with your SuiteCRM, you can have your marketing, sales, and support departments on one page. You can then work on an elaborate strategy that takes social media into account; you can send out relevant content and gated offers to a range of audiences based on their social media profiles. Your sales team can then contact them as they close in on a purchase and your support team can proactively assist them and improve your customer experience scores. This might not seem much, but a consolidated effort of this scale coupled with all that meaningful data from social media can really improve your customer experience and support scores.

You can also flip this around and proactively monitor your brand engagement online and get in touch with customers who you think might be having issues or problems with your product or service.

Key Takeaway!

Social CRM can have a huge impact on how you interact with your customers and can give you insights and details that can give you a whole new look inside your customers. Investing in a Social CRM is a wise choice that can be worth its weight in gold as your customer base grows with the growth of your business.

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