Top 5 features of SuiteCRM for the Healthcare Industry


If you belong to the healthcare industry you know the rigors and degree of promptness it demands. Being always on the go, healthcare industry calls for the same level of fast-paced and robust mechanisms for it to run smoothly. SuiteCRM comes with a whole host of features that help pump up efficiency and performance in the most convenient fashion. Here are the top 5 reasons why SuiteCRM is the best option for the Healthcare Industry.

Process Automation

SuiteCRM facilitates the healthcare industry to save time and prevent delays by automating most routine processes such as scheduling appointments, automatically generating cases and assigning the right person to the job, putting manual registers and spreadsheets to shame in the process. Additionally, your billing process can also be automated by synchronizing it with appointment scheduling, allowing you to stay on top of all your financial processes and speed them up in general.

Electronic Medical Records

One of the many features that SuiteCRM offers in customization of your healthcare facility is tailoring it to produce an online database of your patients. It provides you a platform to transform medical records into e-records which are a viable source of keeping track of your patients’ progress. It is a source to integrate patient’s medical progress, visits, and billing, whilst catering to their health insurance policies, all on a central platform.

Patient’s Medical history Maintenance

While dealing with numerous patients it is imperative to have every patient’s medication history on a single domain. To monitor the clinical changes and adjust drug intake in relation to their pathology reports, SuiteCRM helps the doctors as well the healthcare staff to have a 360-degree view over every patient’s medical trajectory along with drug prescription history for future actions.  

Helps with equipment and inventory maintenance

Equipment maintenance has a vital role to play in your healthcare facility’s quality service. Such an industry cannot afford loopholes in its service. The custom workflows in SuiteCRM to automate the routine processes maintains a constant record of the healthcare inventory and enables prompt response to the requirements. This custom module develops connection and oversight, it keeps checks on different entities including nursing staff thus allows smooth running of the entire system and helps keep up with the stocks.

Strengthens Patient-Practitioner relationship

SuiteCRM further provides a productive forum for both doctors and patients where the doctors themselves can create custom SuiteCRM dashlets to keep a record of their patients’ histories and meetings. It can facilitate you to create an online portal which comes in handy as it will further the ease of scheduling appointments as per patient suitability, through an online calendar where patients can communicate and reserve their preferred slots. You can also integrate SuiteCRM with laboratories’ databases for report collection to facilitate your patients so they don’t have to visit every time. It enhances collaboration with patients as well as the internal system of the healthcare unit.

Key takeaway!

With such a cohesive and integrated system all the important procedures of your healthcare unit can be synchronized saving a lot of precious time. If you want to boost up the efficiency of your healthcare unit Get in touch today for the most optimal SuiteCRM implementation. We would be happy to assist you.

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