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SuiteCRM offers great functionality as an open source CRM and opens new avenues for CRM customization and integration with third-party applications and plugins. However, one feature businesses have been deprived of up until now is to get SuiteCRM hosted on its own servers. In other words, there hasn’t been a cloud deployment method in the past where SuiteCRM hosting was provided by SalesAgility, the company that brought us SuiteCRM. It could either be hosted on a private or public cloud, and that was to be done from the client’s side, not the company’s.

Nonetheless, this is not the case anymore with the launch of Suite:OnDemand. Suite:OnDemand is SuiteCRM hosted on the servers of SalesAgility that are located in the United Kingdom, hence, allowing potential users to purchase a license and start utilizing the CRM from the convenience of their premises.

Suite:OnDemand – Benefits of SuiteCRM on The Cloud

With Suite:OnDemand come the amazing benefits of getting your CRM deployed on the cloud, including:

  • Immediate and easy deployment
  • Access to CRM data from anywhere and any device
  • Data protection, security, and privacy

However, the most remarkable of benefits that Suite:OnDemand offers, unlike other cloud CRM platforms, is the abolishment of price structures where customers are charged for additional CRM users and features. Suite:OnDemand, in contrast, allows customers to choose the licenses most suitable for them and charges them accordingly.

Not only does Suite:OnDemand abandon the practice of charging more for additional users or features, its pricing still remains market competitive, making it more convenient for smaller businesses as well as larger enterprises trying to cut CRM costs without having to forgo on functionality. All this is available, along with excellent hosting, GDPR compliance, and dedicated CRM support with no compromise being made on data security. The flexibility of the open source architecture of SuiteCRM also remains intact in Suite:OnDemand. Hence, SuiteCRM data migration to and from the cloud instance to a company’s own private servers can be made with ease.

Suite:OnDemand Licenses

As already mentioned, Suite:OnDemand offers three different license packages. These differ in either the most optimal scale of use or the level of backups or support provided. We discuss each of these packages and the type of business organizations they are most suited for.

Suite:OnDemand Starter Pack

This license comes at £100 per month, and although it allows unlimited users, it is recommended for small businesses with 1-10 users. Such businesses would require the most basic CRM functionalities with little need for support services.

Suite:OnDemand Business Pack

This package, priced at £350 per month, is better suited to SMEs that plan on having 5-50 users for the CRM, although the license does allow unlimited users. This mid-tier package provides more support services than the Starter pack and also allows for the automation of workflows and business processes.

Suite:OnDemand Premium Pack

Finally, this package is more suited towards larger organizations having users ranging from 10-150 persons, costing £500 per month. Since this is a top-tier package, it offers all the best features one can expect, including high CRM performance, backups, and support.

Suite:OnDemand Feature Comparison

Having provided an overview of all the licenses of Suite:OnDemand, a feature comparison of the three packages available for Suite:OnDemand would also be desirable. This feature comparison is provided below.

The Starter pack, being the most basic license, offers some of the most basic but necessary features. The Premium pack offers the best-in-class features available for any CRM, especially open source. The Business pack offers middle-ground features, between both the Starter and Premium packs.

Suite:On Demand - Feature Comparison

These are the official features provided by SalesAgility for Suite:OnDemand. Furthermore, being an open source CRM, CRM integration and customization enable the addition of more features to the CRM.

Key Takeaways!

SuiteCRM is a robust CRM system which provides almost all the features necessary for businesses to manage their customer relationships well. However, one thing that it has not provided until recently was hosting of the CRM on SuiteCRM’s own cloud servers. Fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore, after the launch of Suite:OnDemand. Now, you can get your CRM deployed without having to worry about hosting. Three packages of Suite:OnDemand are on offer, which are the Starter, Business and Premium packs. These licenses differ in price as well as features, with the Starter pack being suited to smaller businesses, the Premium pack better suited for larger corporations and the Business pack for established companies looking to scale. Choose the best license for your business and start improving your Customer Relationship Management.

Get in touch if you’re looking for SuiteCRM Plugins, Migration, Customization, Integration or Support. RT Dynamic is a SuiteCRM Official Partner. Get in touch for a Free Consultation Session to analyze your business needs and find the perfect SuiteCRM for your business.

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