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No non-profit can make it alone. Whether you’re out there saving endangered species or fighting social injustice, it is essential for any nonprofit organization to realize the importance of forging strong connections and hence, customer relationship management. A CRM is much more than just a handy tool for managing sales and marketing activities. An ideal CRM for a nonprofit would be one that can help facilitate their key functions and allow them to effectively work towards their mission. For more unique challenges, a customizable CRM can yield an even greater ROI

Why choose SuiteCRM for Nonprofits?

SuiteCRM rises to the occasion to offer you a complete 360-degree view of all your business processes through a single unified platform for managing everything from fundraisers to donations to volunteers. Perhaps, the best part about SuiteCRM is that it’s an open source CRM. This makes it highly flexible and adaptable, opening the door for precise SuiteCRM customizations and intricate integrations with third-party applications.

Before we dive in, you should note that this is by no means an exhaustive list and is only meant to give you a taste of what SuiteCRM can do for your nonprofit.

1. Contact Management

The ‘customer’ in customer relationship management doesn’t have to be relegated to some textbook definition. Depending on the context, a customer can be anyone you need to stay in touch with including donors, aid recipients, volunteers, event managers, staff, attendees, etc. You can conveniently store, build and access their profiles from one central location. Moreover, you can consolidate all relevant data and gain valuable insights into these individuals (i.e. contact information, event attendance, donations)

2. Donation Management

Donations are the lifeblood of any nonprofit and managing them can take its toll. Therefore, an effective system that allows you to follow up on each pledged donation and cuts down on manual processes can be a game-changer. Additionally, you can integrate SuiteCRM with a payment gateway to provide donors with greater flexibility and convenience. Also, advanced reporting options in SuiteCRM can help you keep track of all your revenue sources and provide you with complete control over your donation management cycle.

3. Email Campaign Management

Nonprofits have to target various segments for different campaigns. Whether it’s a charity drive, volunteer recruitment or fundraisers, SuiteCRM can help you tailor highly sophisticated and automated email campaigns. These can be readily personalized according to your mission and intended audience. You can even go the extra mile by integrating SuiteCRM with a suitable marketing automation platform and leverage premium features like advanced email analytics and ROI reporting.

4. Event Management

Events like fundraisers, charity drives, and conferences are pivotal for your cause. SuiteCRM can help you organize and manage them without breaking a sweat. You can create custom web forms for new events that feed attendee information directly into your CRM allowing you to track RSVPs and assign team members to cater to VIPs with ease while simplifying team collaboration through shareable calendars and tasks. Similarly, forms can be used to gather feedback in order to improve future events.

Key Takeaway!

SuiteCRM is a comprehensive CRM solution that comes with a plethora of option out of the box that can help your nonprofit save time and resources while increasing productivity. It is available free for onsite deployments so you don’t have to worry about licensing problems and scalability issues. Furthermore, it is a highly customizable solution that can be tailored according to your unique needs and requirements.

We can help optimize SuiteCRM for your nonprofit. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today for your FREE consultation session.

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