An overview of SuiteCRM and Jira integration


SuiteCRM is your gateway to effective customer management. Suite not only provides a great customer relations management solution but also enhances the internal working of your organization. You can substantially improve your workflows through specialized workflow modules

As an open-source solution, SuiteCRM is also open to a variety of Add-ons. These integrations, PlugIns, and customizations significantly increase the functionality and flexibility of your CRM. One of the ways to enhance the functioning of your CRM is to integrate it with Jira.  Let’s take a look at what the integration holds for you. 

About Jira 

Jira is an accomplished Project Management software that can greatly enhance the functionality of your SuiteCRM whilst also pushing for higher productivity and better management within your company.  This is ideal because when all of these push factors are combined they translate into higher profitability and better brand image.  

Here is a brief overview of what the benefits this integration will accrue to your company.                         

Benefits of SuitCRM and Jira Integration 

Use Jira to integrate data and track projects 

CRMs are great at managing the data of any company. This is the most compelling reason for acquiring SuiteCRM as this augments the company’s customer management. With Jira, however, you further improve this aspect. Data between the platforms can be synchronized automatically. At the same time, Jira comes with many handy tools like automated alerts and data updates. Any new entry from the side of the client would be immediately logged into your SuiteCRM. Similarly, Jira issues are displayed clearly in your CRM so you can easily follow the client trajectories in real-time. 

Customize your Jira Dashboards 

It is quite straightforward to create a customized and dedicated Jira Dashboard in your SuiteCRM. The benefit of such a dashboard is that you will have a real-time view of the progress on each of your Jira issues. Your task lists will be automatically prioritized based on urgency. At the same time, issues that require immediate attention would be flagged for your ease. This eliminates time-lags and substantially gives you a bird’s eye view of every happening on Jira from within your SuiteCRM portal. 

Customize the Billing Module 

The billing module introduced by Jira will not only regulate the billing procedure with your customers but also smooth any billing-related wrinkles within the organization. For example, the module will automatically record the hours of work and maintain the subsequent billing records. This will be done both for the in-house employees and clients. The billing module is also connected with safe and secure online payment gateways increasing the legitimacy of your company. Similarly, billing reports will be generated automatically to give you a holistic view of the costs and outstanding payments. 

Track Important dates and deadlines through specialized Dashlelts 

Furthermore, you can create a specialized dashlet for Jira in the SuiteCRM platform. The importance of this feature is immense. The dashlet can display important highlights as it is present on the home screen of your SuiteCRM. This way you would not miss any deadlines or important notices. This way you can stay updated without having to periodically visit Jira’s page.         

Ensure smooth inter-departmental communication

Interdepartmental communication is facilitated greatly by Jira. This communication leads to higher collaboration. Developers working on queries generated in Jira can involve the Sales team on specific projects. This can lead to a higher quality of service delivery. At the same time, your teams would be able to take a holistic approach to queries and deliver through projects. 

The Bottom Line 

At the end of the day, Jira and SugarCRM integration will substantially enhance the overall productivity of your organization. As a ticketing platform, Jira is an amazing way to manage different projects.  You can keep track of the progress made in each project. On the whole, it is a useful addition to your SuiteCRM. If you are interested in integrating Jira with your SuiteCRM or in any other SuiteCRM integrations, customizations or PlugIns then go no further. We are here to give you the best advice based on an analysis of your firm.   

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