Enhance your Business Intelligence with SuiteCRM Analytics


Companies today have to deal with a variety of variables; the fluctuating nature of markets, changing customer preferences, and involvement of various stakeholders makes the decision-making process exceptionally complex. Sound decision-making to run a successful business is impossible without a holistic approach. SuiteCRM ensures that you not only have a 360 degree understanding of what is happening in your company but that you have a comprehensive vision for the future. How does Suite accomplish this herculean feat? Simple. Through the Business Analytics in SuiteCRM analytics.   

The business intelligence brought by SuiteCRM’s analytics will not only give you robust tools to implement just that approach but will also provide answers to your toughest questions.  More importantly, it will give you a chance to plan ahead of time.                                     

Leverage refined Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is generally understood as the analytical and informational infrastructure required to store and process data. It is utilized to drive higher awareness and intelligence in any business. BI is an umbrella term used to categorize diverse processes that enrich data and frame it in a way that it can be used to make effective decisions. If used correctly, Business Intelligence has the potential to drive your sales up substantially and optimize business processes. 

Where does SuiteCRM fit in this equation? You must already be aware that CRMs like Suite come with sophisticated frameworks to manage and store your data.  Since Suite is an open-source CRM, it can be customized to organize your data as you see fit. More than that Suite can be leveraged to perform advanced analytics through data mining and warehousing, online analytical processing, dashboards, and spreadsheets. 

What does SuiteCRM Offer? 

For your ease, we are listing some of the analytical features offered by SuiteCRM. 

Optimized Dashboards

SuiteCRM dashboards give you a comprehensive overview of everything happening in your organization. They highlight important updates and stats. You can also customize them to track the progress of projects and generate reports. Want to run specialized searches? No problem. You can add advanced search filters to the dashboard to isolate target fields. 

SuiteCRM Data Integration

SuiteCRM will ensure that your database is synchronized and systematically organized. SuiteCRM is an ETL solution. This means that it can extract, transform, and load your data. In simple words, you can use Suite to extract the desired data and transform it into analytically useful and logically sound insights. Suite CRM is adept at synchronizing data from multiple channels for example accounting, sales, marketing, and employee data. You can develop important insights through data integration. Most importantly you can detect causal relationships, and gauge the impact of various strategies on your conversion rate. 

SuiteCRM Web Analytics

The online presence of a company can benefit tremendously from a rigorous analysis of web traffic. How can you stay on top of this aspect? Well, it’s easy. SuiteCRM Analytics gives you the tools to analyze your web traffic. Who visited your website and how many times? Which content is attracting attention? These questions are no longer shrouded in mystery. Synchronize your web portal with Suite CRM to track these details. 

Dynamic Reports 

Data without concrete analysis is just a waste of space in your database. Through SuiteCRM you can generate dynamic reports. These reports can be generated for any aspect of your business. These reports can be generated in real-time so you can implement the insights immediately. 

How can you benefit from these features?

Let us now turn to the benefits these features accrue.  

Optimize Business Processes through regular tracking 

Many times businesses are following strategies and plans that are ridden with inefficiencies. These inefficiencies are usually hidden as nobody can pinpoint the exact points. The tracking options offered by BI will change that though. You can not only optimize your workflows but compare the overall performance of your company with stats from the previous years. Additionally, predictive insights will broaden your vision. 

Insightful Market Analysis 

A simple analysis of your own company is not enough to execute a comprehensive vision. SuiteCRM will compare your company’s performance with the trajectory of your competitors. You can thus leverage Suite’s BI to gain an advantage over your competitors. Market analysis will further help you to harness the untapped potential of your business while the marketing automation offered by Suite will increase your company’s efficiency. 

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting 

Predictive analytics and reliable forecasting ensure that you are prepared for any curve ball the future will throw your way. You can proactively tailor your plans to the projected trends.  Furthermore, you can use BI to identify patterns and deliver excellent customer service. 

Effective Benchmarking & Better Decision Making 

The data analytics in Suite ensures that your decisions rest on a solid foundation. In addition to promoting solid decision making, Suite benchmarks your goals with the performance of your competitors. Setting up such indicators will push your performance up and lead to higher productivity.

Our Two Bits! 

SuiteCRM is an excellent CRM solution for small businesses especially start-ups. The data analytics in Suite can be leveraged to enhance your company’s business intelligence. Through the insights, you push your marketing, sales, and overall profitability to a whole new level. If you have questions about setting up Suite or wish to migrate to it, you simply have to reach out to us and book a free consultation session  

RT Dynamic, being an Official SuiteCRM Experts firm, is proficient in the provision of services including SuiteCRM Migration, Integration, and Support.  Get in touch by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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