SugarCRM to SuiteCRM Migration – Why You Should Do It and How


We have discussed the various SugarCRM and SuiteCRM differences. There are a number of reasons that would compel businesses to choose SuiteCRM over Sugar. Some of these would be the pricing (since SuiteCRM is free of charge) and the customization options of the SuiteCRM user interface (businesses can set various UI elements such as themes for their SuiteCRM according to their liking). Furthermore, even when Sugar is better at certain features, you will have to purchase the pricier licenses such as Sugar Enterprise or Ultimate in order to benefit from those features.

Why Migrate from Sugar to SuiteCRM

Now that we have understood the areas in which SuiteCRM excels over Sugar or the reasons which would make businesses choose the former over the latter, we now consider what causes people who have already implemented Sugar in their businesses to make the switch. One reason could be that the prior decision to go for Sugar did not pay off very well and that the current CRM implementation of these business entities is not meeting their needs. Another reason could be that since the implementation of Sugar, there have been changes in business processes, rendering the CRM unsuitable for the business organization. Whatever the reason, these businesses are now trying to optimize their Marketing, Sales as well as Customer Service processes, among others, by switching to a more optimal CRM platform.

Data Migration Methods

There are a number of options to choose from once you have decided to migrate from Sugar to SuiteCRM. The choice of the best possible option will vary from business to business. We have outlined some of the specifications of each and every method. Read on to find out which method would be the most suitable for you.

Using SuiteCRM Default Data Import Tool

One method of SugarCRM to SuiteCRM migration would be by using the data import tool available in SuiteCRM. Being a default method of importing data into SuiteCRM, it only offers basic features of data migration to SuiteCRM. For example, individual modules would have to be imported one by one since it would not be possible to import all the modules at the same time. Furthermore, if the end user is importing the CRM modules himself, then he would be unable to add the customization which existed in his previous CRM. Therefore, this option would be best when upgrading to a new version of SuiteCRM but not when switching from one CRM, i.e. Sugar, to another.

Using Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)

Another method of migrating data to SuiteCRM would be through the use of third-party software. One such migration solution is Pentaho Data Integration (PDI). PDI is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool capable of migrating data from one database to another. Pentaho has graphical ETL features, with intuitive drag-and-drop features, enabling final users to migrate their data without having to write a single line of code. Pentaho Data Integration offers bulk data import/export functionality. Other features of this solution include Business Analytics (for decision making), administrative features for operational efficiency as well as support for various object stores and distributions of analytics databases including Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL.

However, all these features demand a price. For a price estimate, you will have to contact Pentaho, nevertheless, Pentaho does offer a 30-day free trial. Furthermore, even if you have effectively, and efficiently, migrated all your data from Sugar to your SuiteCRM, you will still require the services of developers to add all the integrations and customization, through programming, which previously existed in your Sugar instance.

Code-Level Data Migration Process

SuiteCRM Developers, such as those at RT Dynamic, use the code-level method of data migration. In this method, the developers carefully inspect the data and plan the migration process. The process then starts from the mapping of fields to de-duplication of data to finally a seamless data migration. All the while data security and integrity is ensured.

The disadvantage of this method of data migration would be that it is a time taking process. It might even be more costly than the data migration methods discussed above. However, this will be a secure and effective data migration, since the developers will be constantly checking the destination against the source CRM. Furthermore, any software integrations or customization which existed in your former CRM instance, i.e. Sugar, would now be replicated in your new SuiteCRM instance. This is not all since you can also avail SuiteCRM customization or integration services which did not exist in your Sugar, although at a higher cost. Therefore, when switching to a different CRM platform, it is recommended to avail the services of developers, since this one-time cost is well justified.

Why Choose RT Dynamic for Your Data Migration Needs?

RT Dynamic is an official SuiteCRM partner firm working on SuiteCRM since its inception. We have also developed plugins and products to complement the software solution. In short, our experience in and knowledge of SuiteCRM makes us the best possible option for experts in SuiteCRM. Moreover, if you want a data migration process with guaranteed data security and integrity, the best option would be to go with the code level migration services provided by RT Dynamic which maintain all your previous customization and record relationships.

It’s a Wrap!

There are instances where SuiteCRM is clearly the best option for CRM, especially when comparing it to Sugar. However, not everyone realizes this when making their CRM decision. But is it too late a realization when you already have a CRM in place? Clearly not! Even those businesses who have been using another CRM, such as Sugar, for some while now can opt for SuiteCRM while getting all their data migrated to the latter one. But how to migrate your data to SuiteCRM? Should you use the default import tool, third-party apps such as Pentaho or the services of a team specializing in providing services with regard to SuiteCRM. There are reasons to consider the third option as the best one.

Avail the best-in-class SuiteCRM services including SuiteCRM Integration, Customization, Migration or Support by contacting RT Dynamic. Get in touch by filling out the Contact Form. We will be glad to assist you!

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