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Odoo CRM is a well-rounded solution for all of your CRM needs. Odoo is regarded as a one-stop-shop for all of your business needs. In the age of online shopping and eCommerce, it is only natural that most companies wish to expand their existing businesses to online spaces. OdooCRM. will ensure that this step is completed smoothly and seamlessly by your company. Odoo’s eCommerce platform can be integrated into OdooCRM without a hitch. After that, you only need to complete a few easy steps and your eCommerce platform would be up and running in no time. Here is an overview of Odoo’s eCommerce platform for you! 

Design & Configure a perfect eCommerce Platform 

Build Your Page Using Drop-Down Menus   

You can build your pages from scratch by picking up the customizable templates and formation in the portfolio. You only have to mention your specifications to get what you want. 

Easy Editing Options

The process of setting up an eCommerce platform has been made incredibly easy by Odoo. You do not require any coding to edit your online pages because of the wonderful “Inline Editor” offered by Odoo. Similarly, you can edit and update your content pages using an editor which is similar to the word processors we use regularly.

Create Interesting Digital Forms 

ECommerce and Retail Businesses rely heavily on forms to collect client data. You can seize the attention of your customers by creating appealing and succinct forms. 

Run a Professional Multi-Store Platform 

You can immediately achieve a professional vibe by changing colors and styles. You can also choose from the options available in Odoo’s catalog. What is more, you can use Odoo to build a multi-store platform. Each store can have its theme, language, currency, and price list. You can thus ensure a global outreach of your online store. 

Create Flexible Pricing Categories & Sell Product Variants 

Odoo allows you to create and sell multiple product variants. The attributes can be listed on your platform for your customer’s ease. Similarly, you can generate flexible pricing categories. This option further supports you in running multiple stores from a single interface. 

Curate a Unique Shopping Experience

Optimized Search and Chat System 

Online shopping businesses have to ensure a quality customer experience to build a solid customer base. You can curate such an experience through simple and efficient web pages. Through Odoo you can create powerful search engines that yield results quickly. Advanced features can be easily included in these searches. Similarly, you can assist your customers by embedding Quick Chat and Bot Chat boxes in your system. 

Smooth Check out Process 

Odoo makes the check-out process easy and swift. You can add as many instructions as you want to ensure that customers face no blockages. 

Well furnished Customer Portal 

While you can allow guests to buy your products, Odoo also gives you the ability to create a well-furnished customer portal for your regular clients. Customers can track their orders and shipping details from the portal. Similarly, they can create wish lists and review their orders on the portal. 

Benefit from Smooth Payment, Billing & Accounting Mechanisms

Complete Integration with Payment Gateways 

The payment process has been optimized for your ease. Your eCommerce and Retail business can be linked to many payment gateways like PayPal, SIPs Worldline, and Buckaroo among many others. Furthermore, you can create many other payment options. These include bank transfers and any other options that you wish to use. In addition to an easy payment mechanism, Odoo’s eCommerce platform can be synced with global marketplaces like Amazon

Make us of Diverse Shipping Methods 

The shipping process can also be simplified through Odoo. You can create a set of rules to automate the delivery price calculation using indicators like weight and distance. Similarly, you can track and speed-up the deliveries by connecting your Odoo platform with DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and La Poste. The synchronized tracking process will not only increase your efficiency but also give you the leeway to avoid delays or mistakes.  

Track Bills & Accounts 

Your bills will be automatically configured into Odoo. Similarly, you can create specialized charts and logs to track your accounts. These details would always be accessible to you. You can further enhance your accounting module by integrating it with Freshbooks

Never Miss your Taxes! 

Since your business caters to customers globally, your company would have to follow the tax regime of different regions. You no longer have to work tediously through the different fiscal policies. Just add the locations to Odoo and it will adjust the tax rates accordingly. 

Make the best of the Integrated Technology

Effective Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Mechanism 

Integrated technology can be used to your advantage to boost sales. You can pitch your products by making use of cross-selling and up-selling mechanisms in Odoo. Suggesting related products is a sure way of increasing revenues. 

Boost Sales through Coupons, Codes, and Gift Vouchers 

Another way of attracting more customers is by offering discounts regularly. You can incentivize your customers to buy more by promising different rewards on certain amounts of purchase. Similarly, potential clients can be drawn in using different coupons and promo codes. 

Convert Abandoned Carts into Sales 

With Odoo you can automatically follow up on abandoned carts and ensure that no purchase is dropped.

Our Two Bits!

In addition to the features mentioned above, you can increase the efficiency of your Odoo eCommerce platform by generating reports both through OdooCRM and the platform. The integration of the eCommerce platform with CRM will assist you in providing a high quality of service. You can increase your platform’s outreach by linking it with leading marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Odoo comes with a number of Odoo Apps for example the Inventory application.  Syncing your platform with such applications will further enhance its efficiency. 

It is impossible to list all the benefits of using Odoo’s CRM and eCommerce platform. If you are interested in exploring how your company will be transformed with Odoo, reach out to us for a free consultation session.

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