Odoo Mobile App: The Best Mobile CRM Solution Out There!


The key to running an efficient business is seamless customer relationship management. With the best CRM solution, you can establish lasting and effective relationships with your clients and meet your own business needs as well.

The OdooCRM has already established itself as the best CRM solution for all your business needs. OdooCRM features lend themselves incredibly useful to keep users in touch with their clients and tailor their own business processes. 

One important feature that a typical CRM does not address is the need for mobility when it comes to managing customers. In an increasingly fast-paced world, it is essential to keep your business up and running even when you’re away from your desk.

The solution to this is already provided by OdooCRM in the form of Odoo Mobile App. The Odoo Mobile App is the mobile CRM solution for all your needs and comes well equipped with key features that make your business flexible, remotely available, and dynamic.

Let’s dive in to see what the app has to offer its users!

Easily Send Messages

The Odoo Mobile App allows you to keep up the communication just as it would be done through the desktop. You can view, manage, and archive your messages as per usual. 

Additionally, any attachment format, be it a video, photograph, or a file can easily be attached and sent forward. The app also allows users to access their mobile device camera for quick photo sharing. A to-do list can also be created from the inbound messages.

Manage Contacts Seamlessly

With the mobile app, users can create partners and work in collaboration with them while on the go. The partners can work together to edit files and meet deadlines. The app also allows contacts to be easily saved in the device itself, without having to do it manually. 

The resulting contacts in the Odoo Address Book can be accessed via call, or email with the help of an easy to use filtered search. To take it one step further, the app can also import device contacts with your permission.

Take Stock Of Your Inventory

Inventory management is made easy with Odoo Mobile App stocks. Users can easily monitor stock movements from their mobile app, ranging from deliveries to pick-ups and reception of stock.

The scan functionality enables the device camera to scan item labels and get the required information about any product of your choice.

Keep Up With The Latest Sales

The process of following up with leads and turning them into business opportunities is an important function made easy through the Odoo Mobile App. With the ability to manage your business flow and customers from your mobile device, you can allow for a more dynamic and efficient workflow.

Odoo Mobile App Sales can be linked with the Odoo Mobile Dashboard to update the overall progress of your business goals achieved. Business cards can also be smartly managed by keeping a record of them through your device camera and linking them to the lead in question.

Manage Your Dashboard

Access all your desktop information back at the office from your mobile device. The dashboard view displays all the sales information for the week and can be shared via email, or otherwise, with the rest of your team. The feature lets you optimize your dashboard according to the specific data requirements, by giving various charting options.

Organize Your Day Via Timesheet

With Odoo Mobile App Timesheet, organize your working time according to your projects. This feature lets you determine how much of your time will be spent on what task. There is no better way to ensure productivity and efficiency.

Timesheet is easy to use with a simple button interface. It is also very convenient to access the timesheets since they can be made available on the Dashboard. This simple feature can also help determine the amount of work that went into a project, thereby helping with the invoicing.

Keep Track Of Your Finances

This feature allows vendors to keep track of their invoices and check which dues have been paid and which ones haven’t. The cashflow and payments can be easily managed remotely. The updates are kept on the dashboard.

The feature also enables a filtered search among the list of invoices to filter them according to clients. The details of the search results can be accessed upon selecting a particular invoice. The biggest advantage of Odoo Mobile App Finance is that it saves the invoices in the app to keep them accessible even when offline.

Make Easy Notes

Odoo Mobile App Notes enable users to directly make any notes within the Odoo Mobile App. With a color-coded system, the notes can be well organized and structured according to your needs. Notes can also be shared among users via email or messages.

Our Two Bits!

The Odoo Mobile App is a comprehensive solution to managing your CRM on the go. Well equipped with key features, users can find a very easy way to navigate and manage their business processes from the mobile app. 

The Odoo Mobile App comes in both, the iOS and Android versions. To top it off, the Odoo Mobile App Builder allows you to customize the app further and tailor it according to your preferences. Leverage RT Dynamic’s’ expertise in Odoo customization to help you build a CRM perfect for your specific needs. 

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM IntegrationCustomizationMigration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs. Get in touch now for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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