Odoo for Manufacturing: MRP, PLM, and Maintenance


The average manufacturing firm might use dozens of important third-party applications in order to run their business. With each department using different platforms to reach the same goals, it becomes harder to stay on the same page. This is especially true when everyone is making their own version of an important document. This practice makes the manufacturing process more difficult than it has to be. This is why the Odoo platform provides a solution that caters specifically to the manufacturing industry. Odoo for Manufacturing accounts for important elements like MRP, PLM, maintenance, and much more. MRP (Material Requirements Planning) is an essential part of raw material estimation. PLM is Product Life Cycle Management which is equally important to manufacturing as their end goal is a superior product. 

Let’s move on to what makes Odoo the perfect platform for manufacturers.


Odoo provides functionality that can deal with most maintenance needs.

Maintenance Automation

Odoo provides preventive maintenance automation, using statistics to calculate the expected dates of the next failure. It does this using the data for mean time between failures and means time to repair. The values of this data will allow it to make calculations and provide the appropriate timeline of future maintenance. You can leverage this by letting Odoo automate maintenance schedules. Repairing beforehand can take a shorter amount of time and help prevent complete equipment failure. 

Organize Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests can be handled from within the kanban view, along with calendar functions. The organization is easy, a simple drag and drop interface is present which can be used by the entire staff. Go ahead and plan activities beforehand via calendar view and know that you will get maintenance alerts at appropriate times.

Increase in Equipment Efficiency

Departments can now initiate maintenance requests from the control panel in the Odoo work center. This allows for efficient communication, also because the requests are sent to the appropriate employees in the workforce.

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

Engineering Changes

Due to the communication enhancement through Odoo, you can handle engineering changes much more efficiently. Odoo PLM takes advantage of an enterprise social network to communicate with all departments. You only have to follow exactly what you need, to prevent clutter and maintain efficiency. Don’t have Odoo? Upgrade to Odoo today to gain MRP functionality with a host of features catered to manufacturing.

Bill of Materials (BoM)

Odoo is going to align everyone onto the same document for the bill of materials. This includes both the manufacturing and engineering bills. You can then track any changes taking place across multiple versions of the same document. Odoo PLM allows you to work on multiple versions of the bills in parallel so that you can manage changes.

Quality Control

You can access the current quality of your inventory with a quick Odoo implementation

Quality Control Points

Make your own quality control plans that you can make trigger quality checks at the specific stage you want. The choice is yours, you can place them at inventory operations on final inspections, or both. 

You can manage and track your Production Part Approval Process according to the industry standard. Moreover, you can also arrange your Statistical Process Control to help you better monitor quality overall. Finally, attach Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis related Documents to routings.

Quality Alerts

Organizing your quality alerts feels like a breeze in Odoo’s streamlined kanban interface. Visual indicators are available to bring critical alerts into focus, the interface is again to drag and drop for progress reporting.

You can use tags to categorize the type of alert as well as make rules to automate alerts or actions. You can make many tags like addressee, requestor, and much more with further subtags.

Summing Up

So there you have it, with further Odoo customization you can add even more features to Odoo’s MRP capabilities. The Odoo platform has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to curb the old ways of the manufacturing industry. You can achieve higher growth by optimizing your inventory levels, ensuring quality products, and enhancing communication.

With Odoo by your side, you can spend less time on repairs and more time manufacturing products.

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