Why Magento Integration is Essential for SuiteCRM


SuiteCRM is a powerful tool for growing businesses. However, if it does not possess the relevant integrations then it is about as useful as a single spreadsheet with all your clientele on it. You will need various platforms besides your CRM in order to conduct business properly. This will include accounting platforms, payment gateways, e-signature applications, and much more. If you are someone who plans to sell online products or services, then integration with Magento is essential for your SuiteCRM.

ECommerce is a very competitive space. This is magnified during COVID-19 where everyone is trying to go for no contact services. To completely leverage your online store capabilities, integration of your Magento store with your SuiteCRM is a must. This will open up an assortment of options and completely streamline your workflow as a result.


Magento on its own is a leading eCommerce platform, built on an open-source code. It is extremely flexible and customizable for this very reason. Currently, Magento has over a million registered users and over three million downloads. It has received worldwide recognition for being the industry standard in the eCommerce space. The vast online community is already well versed in Magento which makes common queries instantly solvable. 

Let’s take a look at why integrating all these features with SuiteCRM is beneficial.

The Benefits of SuiteCRM and Magento Integration

Efficient Data Management

All your data from both SuiteCRM and Magento will be in constant sync with each other. Any changes you make on one platform will be added to the other. This will lead to better data management as you can keep using your preferred channels without compromising. Plus with all the data being managed well, you can now deal with customer interactions better as you will have their information available instantly. 

Improved Customer Experience

With SuiteCRM integration, you are now able to provide customers with information in real-time. This will make their purchase decision much easier, paving the way for a smoother experience. A holistic view of your customers will provide you with insights on what it is your customers are interested in. This is an opportunity to foster relationships with those customers and to attract newer ones.

Boosted Sales

With improved customer experiences as mentioned above, it is only likely that now you will have increased conversions on your Magento store. Through integration, you can engage with your customers directly from SuiteCRM. This can lead to a more instantaneous response time. With these improvements, your business processes will be faster and so will sales.

Inventory Management

Part of the integration is the inclusion of inventory synchronization. Through this, your inventory will be made known to all of your customer representatives. They can then use that information to upsell or cross-sell related products to customers who are already making purchases. Being available with your SuiteCRM will decrease response time and increase customer retention. 

Multi-Channel Marketing

In today’s world, one channel for marketing is simply not enough. Even in digital marketing, there are multiple channels present like email marketing and social media. Using traditional marketing techniques with a mix of new is the way forward. SuiteCRM and Magento will track your progress together in marketing and will gauge which methods need improvement and which ones are going well.

Up your ECommerce Game!

To sum up, Magento integration is the most sought after technique to up your eCommerce game. Magento on its own already has robust functionality, but via integration, you can completely change the way you do business. Having Magento options on your SuiteCRM interface allows for the streamlining of your workflow, and the completion of tasks much sooner.

A combination of CRM and Magento is a must-have configuration for competing in eCommerce. You can also choose to have your SuiteCRM customized for specifically dealing with eCommerce if that is your sole mode of business. 

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