Why You Must Leverage CRM Platform for Accounting?


Nowadays, many companies are trying to leverage business automation for exponential growth in their business. It won’t be an overstatement to say that most businesses drive higher profits with the implementation of accounting and customer relationship management software. Before we dive in to see how we can optimize different software to revolutionize your business, let’s try to understand the need for CRM and accounting software. Moreover, we will also see how CRM and accounting can provide a solution to your problems.

Why companies go for accounting software?

If accounting is done manually, not only does it takes a lot of time but it is also prone to human errors. An efficient way to automate the inefficient and labor-intensive process is to opt for accounting software. You can manage all your accounts related tasks easily and faster with bookkeeping software and minimize the risk. Moreover, using accounting software results in an increase in ROI and accelerates your revenue while your team sees a boost in productivity.

Top Accounting Software

There are many robust accounting software that can maximize the efficiency of your accounting processes. As your competitors are jumping to leverage accounting platforms, it is about time that you see which top accounting software better suits your business needs. Here’s a list of top accounting software that can up your game.

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • FreshBooks Cloud Accounting
  • Sage50 Accounting
  • Wave Accounting
  • NetSuite ERP

How To Optimize your business finances with CRM and Accounting Software?

Now if you are looking for the right solution to optimize your business finances, here’s what you need to do! The answer lies in going for CRM and accounting together. Go for CRM integration and accounting software to drive higher revenues, optimize your business finances and revolutionize your customer relationships.

ERP Platforms

You can also manage a lot of business functions on an Enterprise Resource Planning Platform (ERP). It helps to organize processes and manage workflows along with a wide range of other business solutions. However, ERP solutions don’t provide a company with the flexibility to customize the platform, as per their business needs. But, you can do all this through a CRM platform: a 360-degree solution to all your business problems.

As we understand investing in CRM and accounting software can be expensive, we have the ultimate solution for your problems related to CRM and accounting – that too through a unified platform.

Why CRM is the Right Accounting Software Solution?

Did you know that a CRM can have extended functionalities? It is a complete solution for not just customer relationship management issues but all your business problems. You can use the CRM platform to engage with clients, boost your sales conversion rates and increase the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Now the point you have been waiting for! CRM can also be used to streamline your accounting processes. It wouldn’t be an overstatement if we say that accounting is faster and powerful on the CRM platform. CRM and accounting together can do wonders for your business! Moreover, while a CRM platform can manage your accounting tasks efficiently, accounting software can’t do this. Here’s how!

CRM and Accounting

CRM has multiple benefits across different platforms. Here we have highlighted just a few ways in which CRM and accounting can be leveraged for skyrocketing business growth.

Custom Modules

In your CRM, you can create custom modules for accounting processes such as budgeting, invoicing, cashflows, etc. This will bring all your data in one place, so you can fully optimize your accounting processes. It will also give you real-time insights into how your business is performing in terms of accounting, sales and customer service.


Unlike an accounting software or an ERP platform, CRM provides flexibility as it is easily customizable. All you need is an expert CRM consultancy to extend the functionality of your CRM. For example, if you choose to customize SuiteCRM, you can manage your customer service, sales, marketing, and accounts department through a single platform.

Third-party Software Integration

Another unique feature of a CRM platform is that it lets you leverage third-party software integrations and easily installable plugins without relying on the CRM developers. It’s easy and simple. Integrate your accounting software with your CRM or import data and have a holistic view of all your business functions.

Moreover, many companies are choosing CRMs over accounting software due to its extended functionalities. For example, some companies have seen a greater ROI after integrating their SuiteCRM with the best accounting software. Many companies have leveraged CRM and Quickbooks resulting in greater efficiency in their operations across the company.

Best CRM Platforms to Leverage for Accounting

There are many well-built CRM software such as SugarCRM, Salesforce, and SuiteCRM. While these CRMs can help in streamlining your accounting processes, it is done efficiently with SuiteCRM due to its easy customization. You can customize SuiteCRM according to your business requirements and also leverage integrations for business growth.

Over To You!

As businesses have become dynamic, you must also utilize efficient ways to gain a competitive advantage with CRM and accounting. We did an in-depth analysis of how you can optimize a CRM as a complete solution to all your business problems. Now, it is up to you to make the right decision!

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