How Can Odoo be the Workforce Management System For Your Business?


If you’re a HR manager, then you shouldn’t be working without proper resources to help support you position. Human resource management is more difficult than it seems at times. From having to manage the whole organizations internal activities to keeping up with and coordinating all employees, from ensuring business processes are supplied with the right personnel to processing all employee data, it does get very tiring. An HR manager may be excellent at their job but may lag due to everything being too time consuming to manage. Falling back in your performance excellence just because of time is something far to unfair. That is where Odoo comes in, the ultimate HR software making lives easier. With Odoo one is able to handle all areas of HR including sales, purchases, management, accounting etc. to sync your company’s data.

If this sounds too good to be true, then let’s look into detail how Odoo can make your job so, so much easier.

Run Online Recruitment Operations

First things first, it simplifies out your first and most important step related to employees, the recruitment stage. Why HR manager’s lover Odoo is because it makes this step so much easier. With the Odoo recruitment module, both online and offline recruitment can be conducted and operations be completely controlled. The whole recruitment process can be based on the company’s overall needs and long term goal to make sure it is a good fit.

Employee Module

The employee module is a complete sum up of all employee’s data from A-Z. This includes all data on employees that is necessary for the company to have including their skills, personal details, experience, achievements, certifications. resume details and contact information. Moreover, the salary structure and type of employee contract is also defined, where it is clear for managers to see how employee functioning is in regard to the company’s operations. Submitting leaves and getting approvals can be hectic especially when you have to track across and through all departments to manage all employee requests. If you are a big organization then you cannot be available in all places at all times, so you have to find a solution to handle this for you.

Attendance Management

The Odoo platform has a dedicated attendance management module that will help mark and keep an eye on all employee’s attendance according to their working hours. Working hours for employees are divided according to their project, hours based on a project management, tasks, clients and other segments of fit related to their work. There are 2 ways to mark employee attendance. The first, integration of biometric devices available that are located at the entrance of the office helping attendance registration be automated or secondly, by logging into a portal on their laptops to record their attendance. The best thing is all of this can be down in real-time meaning continuous monitoring of your employees on an ongoing basis.

Time Off Management

As discussed above, managing all employees leaves and their requests can be a big headache. The Odoo time off module makes this process easier by managing employee requests based on their requirements. When you receive the leave requests you can accept it or refuse as per required along with a reason should you decide appropriate. Whatever decision you make, employees receive a notification on your reply and their calendars are also updated automatically.

Payroll Generation

With the Odoo payroll management module managers are able to generate payroll based on attendance of respective employees, or based on performance when related to bonuses or monetary benefit consideration. After all this information has been analyzed and deductions have been cut or extra things have been added a total salary amount is left over. This salary amount can then be documented and emailed to all employees or printed out and handed over if necessary.

Report Generation

One of the main features of the Odoo platform is report generation with regards to the HR operations of the company. Advanced analytical reports can be generated based on real-time HR operations. Reports can also be filtered, search and grouped according to different requirements or information to be obtained.


A software like Odoo simplifies things for you, rendering complete control over applications and a great deal of flexibility to manage workforce operations with ease and optimize your workflow with Odoo apps. We have a proven track record in building workforce management solutions with high-end features like attendance tracking, task scheduling, performance monitoring, and more.

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