What the Future Holds for Open Source CRM Software in 2020


The future of Open Source CRM software seems brighter than ever.

With more companies focusing on delivering meaningful customer experiences, CRM implementation plays a key role in having a happy customer base. Not just this, CRM software also helps in streamlining business processes and seamlessly managing different tasks to stay on top of your day.

In the initial phases of a business, it’s advisable to invest in an Open Source CRM as you won’t have to pay the initial cost and then spend money to get licenses. Moreover, you can also get an Open Source CRM software customized and integrated to fit your business needs.

So, let’s explore where is the Open Source CRM technology heading in the future and how you can leverage it to drive efficiency in your business.

Unlimited CRM Integrations with Third-Party Software

Open Source CRM offers endless possibilities for integrations. You don’t need to spend money on purchasing licenses for CRM users and then end up paying a lot more, in the long run, to get your CRM software integrated into third-party applications.

With an Open Source CRM, you can get all your business software integrated with CRM at a reasonable cost and operate your business through a unified platform.

For example, SuiteCRM, being the best Open Source CRM software can be easily integrated with different accounting, business intelligence, sales, and marketing software.

Extensive CRM Customization To Mirror Your Business

At this point, you might be thinking:

Why go for a paid CRM when you can leverage the best Open Source CRM software and tailor it to fit your business needs?

That’s exactly our point. You don’t need to pay for Proprietary CRM as an Open Source CRM does the job perfectly.

One of the major benefits of an Open Source CRM is that it can be easily and extensively customized to mirror your business processes. Moreover, as you get source code access of an Open Source CRM, this allows you to customize it fully and to a greater extent as compared to a Proprietary CRM.

More Money Saved And Increased Business Growth

With numerous Startup companies entering the market and aiming to make a difference but with a limited budget, there is no better option than an Open Source CRM.

For example, SuiteCRM is the top choice for Startups focusing to make the most of their limited resources and driving efficiency in their business. It allows you to easily consolidate all customer information, streamline sales management process and derive actionable insights from accurate reports and interactive dashboards.

Improved Data Security

With users being more sensitive and concerned about data privacy, it is encouraging to see the top Open Source CRM such as SuiteCRM taking steps to follow all data privacy regulations.

SuiteASSURED: A Highly Secure Open Source CRM

SuiteCRM has introduced SuiteASSURED that has the security features of a Proprietary CRM with improved data privacy and all other features of an Open Source CRM. This was a big step towards revolutionizing Open Source CRMs and has led to the adoption of SuiteAssured in Government Agencies because it provides easy access to crucial information, improved data security and integrity, and seamless connectivity with clients.

Better Data Management For Effective Strategizing

Data is useful only if you can make sense of it and derive actionable insights to strategize in a better way. The best way to manage your customer databases and keep track of all communication with clients is by leveraging an Open Source CRM. With accurate reporting and interactive dashboards, you can get a complete picture of how your business is performing, pinpoint areas of improvement and focus on skyrocketing business growth.

The Bottom Line!

With the Open Source CRMs continuously improving and emphasizing on enhancing data security, the future seems to be quite exciting with innovations at a fast pace.

Have you thought of fully leveraging an Open Source CRM to skyrocket your business growth? We can help you choose the best Open Source CRM for your business!

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