SuiteCRM Themes: A Reflection of Your Business Identity!


SuiteCRM, being an open source CRM solution, offers great flexibility in terms of customization. This flexibility in SuiteCRM customization ranges from setting custom SuiteCRM workflows, adding or deleting modules and fields, to changing the architecture of the software. Even the themes and layouts can be modified according to your liking in SuiteCRM.

Setting up a suitable SuiteCRM theme might not seem to be a high priority task to some businesses. However, when done right, there are benefits to be gained from such a customization of the open source CRM. It is always desirable to get your SuiteCRM customized with new themes that are right for your business.

If you are still unsure why getting a new theme for SuiteCRM is exactly what you should do, then read on as we bring to your attention some of the benefits.

SuiteCRM Theme Benefits

During the SuiteCRM deployment period, setting up a custom theme for the open source CRM might not seem as a pressing issue for businesses. In fact, some businesses might even be willing to forgo the process. However, the following benefits might help them reconsider.

Reflection of Brand Identity

When a business is managing one or more brands, it is always beneficial for it to have the theme of that brand implemented in its various aspects. Same is true when deploying a CRM in that business. Having your brand identity reflected on your CRM helps the users of the CRM develop a mindset which is aligned with the aims and objectives of the business, keeping them most productive. SuiteCRM themes can act as a reminder for businesses of what they strive for.

Improved UI/UX

Another objective achieved through the use of new themes is that it helps motivate workers, specifically those who use SuiteCRM for their daily tasks. Having colorful themes with eye-catching icons, dashlets and workflows help retain the workers’ interests. In contrast, having dull themes might also act as a source of worker fatigue, which is most undesirable for a great number of businesses. Furthermore, having a good UI/UX is the sign of a good software, which SuiteCRM undeniably is.

How To Set Up SuiteCRM Themes

Having understood the benefits of setting up SuiteCRM themes, it is also worth knowing how to apply new themes to your CRM solution. Therefore, we go over the process of setting up SuiteCRM themes so that there is no ambiguity.

There are 3 free themes available in the Admin Panel of SuiteCRM by default. These include SuiteP, SuiteR and Suite 7. Any of these out-of-the-box themes can be set up from the Admin Panel without any trouble or the need to code.

However, for the majority of times, none of these might act as the optimal theme for the open source CRM. That’s when the need for SuiteCRM developers arises, who have the technical knowledge and skills to develop new themes. The new themes that they develop will contain the company’s branding as well as all custom icons and workflows required by the business. Furthermore, there are a few theme options available on the SuiteCRM Store as well, for those in search of a suitable theme.

Once developed, the only thing left to do for the CRM administrator is to install and set the new theme as default, deactivating all standard themes in the process. That is how you can set up themes in your SuiteCRM.

Our Two Bits

Although setting up new themes for SuiteCRM might seem to be an insignificant task, it does tend to aid in some very significant processes. These processes can range from improving the user experience of the employees to aligning the CRM with the brand identity of the business. Apart from the benefits outlined, application of custom SuiteCRM themes can also help drive user adoption while improving user retention. Therefore, businesses undermining the benefits of setting up optimal themes for their SuiteCRM instances will be surprised by the gains associated with this decision.

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