CRM for Real Estate Industry: Top 5 Benefits


A CRM for the Real Estate Industry is the need of the hour. With so many variables in play and a number of different touch points to cover, firms in the Real Estate Industry could improve their productivity by a landslide with a CRM in place. The times are changing and the tide of technology is quickly finding its way into the Real Estate Industry. A customized CRM platform could exponentially streamline and optimize processes and chart a way towards growth. The Real Estate Industry exists through a number of different variables that need to be aligned to maximize productivity and profit. A CRM can effectively put all these variables in one place to optimize the whole process.

Read on for 5 benefits that a CRM can provide to the Real Estate Industry

Consolidate Listings

With a CRM, you can have a consolidated Listings Module that displays all the listings associated with your firm. This listings module also displays all the corresponding details about a particular listing to give you detailed information about a particular listing. The Listings module also includes a search panel that can be used to look for unique listings according to the demands of the customer. This is helpful for your agents as they can find relevant listings with a click of a button. Efficient agent performance translates into positive customer response. Put all your listings in one place with a CRM and organize your operations.

Customer Module

Our CRM developers created a dedicated custom module for Customer that will hold all the relevant information on a customer along with their preferences and needs. This is particularly helpful if your firm has a large client base. Excel sheets or similar methods can only take you so far and sooner or later, your agents will start feeling the full blunt of this predicament, resulting in a poor customer experience. Solve all these problems with a CRM. With this Customer Module, find all the details you need in one place and keep every customer experience unique by being a step ahead of your customer.

Merchant Module

Similar to the Customer module, this Merchant module will include all those people looking to sell their properties. This module will include all details concerning the property as well as the merchant looking to sell. This module gives you a holistic view of properties along with their status. Find your customers the perfect match by going over this module and see recent offers to get the best deals.

Third-Party Integrations

You can have any number of CRM integrations with this CRM according to your needs to increase the productivity of your CRM. Let’s take a look at two crucial integrations that can make all the difference for your business processes.

Google Maps

Integrate your Real Estate CRM with Google Maps to get all the listings, customers, and merchants mapped out on Google Maps. This will give you an overview of where all your variables exist. You can also use this integration to create routes to various points or do a radial

search to look for nearby listings.


Verification of documents and contracts are necessary to conclude business dealings and the case is all the same when it comes to the Real Estate Industry. With a DocuSign integration, you can send all necessary documents and have them signed electronically to save time and avoid unnecessary commute.

Integration with Accounting Platforms

Integrate your CRM with a host of different accounting platforms to streamline your billing processes. Close deals faster and more efficiently with a consolidated billing platform integrated into your CRM. With this, your agents can quickly dispatch relevant invoices to designated customers and receive payments swiftly and securely.

Key Takeaway!

Each one of these features presents a game-changing opportunity for firms in the Real Estate Industry to exponentially increase their profits and organize their operations. With a single CRM implementation, these firms could have all these different variables consolidated on one platform to bring efficiency to their operations, improve customer experience, and increase profits.

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