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As a realtor, your entire business is based on building trust. This is why a majority of new property sales are through referrals-82% to be exact. Buyers are clearly in it for the long term, which is why careful consideration is given by both parties. The real estate industry has specific requirements due to factors like this, which is why building trust is imperative to business growth.

Due to a network of referrals and the importance of giving customers a superior experience, CRM is vital to the success of a real estate agent. When it comes to delivering a great customer experience, there is no CRM better suited for realtors than Odoo.

CRM Needs of Realtors

In CRM usage for real estate, all the information must be placed in a way that you can see and easily visualize everything. The first thing you should see when looking at your CRM data is whether you have any potential clients waiting for you or not. Having all the information on one platform is key to streamlining your business process.

Furthermore, a realtor needs to be made aware of what activities they need to be participating in to allow more leads to enter the sales funnel. It’s useful to know if there are any returning clients or not. They might be looking for renewals, so it’s good to gauge how much of a chance you have with them if they are worth pursuing. If your client is dissatisfied, then a CRM can gauge what steps are worth taking to maintain a healthy customer relationship with them.

These do not even begin to cover the full list of benefits you can achieve with a CRM for real estate. Odoo can cover all of these needs and then some, making it the superior platform for realtors. Let’s now go through some of Odoo’s important features that reinforce the real estate business.

Odoo for Realtors

Odoo Mobile

Odoo is a cloud-based CRM platform. That means Odoo Mobile can be used from anywhere with just one tap on your smartphone. It is especially important for realtors and sales teams that have to make continuous site visits. Arming them with CRM capabilities on the go will make them much more productive and informed. Mobile CRM allows them to receive timely updates and alerts on more clients as well as leads. Downloading an app to have access to the entire sales pipeline will inform you where you are and where you need to be.

Opportunity Management

Odoo provides a clear and coherent view of the opportunity pipeline. This is powered by a simple drag and drop interface. You can use this to set up stages for your sales team. This will help to greatly optimize all your sales tasks. In addition, the ability to split it into substages will further streamline all your sales processes. Any lost opportunities can also be archived. Through this, you can better analyze the mistakes that were made so they may not be repeated. This provides a clearer view of the current pipeline and also provides better business insights. 

Schedule meetings from within the interface based on customer opportunities. These will also be backed up and shared with the rest of your selected teams either through their mobiles devices or their Google Calendars. This will greatly improve task management for all your team members.

Odoo Integration

Your CRM platform, even one as robust as Odoo, is not complete without integrating it with third-party applications. A lot of specific functionality is only available on other platforms that cater to the various needs of your real estate business. For example, Odoo is not an accounting platform that can generate invoices for transactions. You will need to integrate it with either Xero or Freshbooks. Odoo integration will allow you to maximize the use of CRM, making it a do it all platform that will streamline your real estate business. Besides integrations, you can even customize Odoo for real estate specific uses. All of this will substantially enhance the functionality and productivity of your firm.

Customer Communication

Easily organize your customers with clear address books that have settings for customer preferences baked in. Using this you can also record a full history of correspondence with them. This will cover everything from the moment you were contacted to the moment you handed them the keys to their home.

In most common types of email communications, you can create custom email templates which can then be used repeatedly. For example when someone contacts you about the price of a certain house. With Email Gateways, new leads are created automatically based on the contents of incoming emails. Get your emails automatically attached to the right opportunity.

Key Takeaways

Odoo is a very flexible CRM platform that can be tailored easily to suit the needs of realtors. It has a plethora of features that are well suited for streamlining the industry. This makes it the perfect tool for a sales team as they will be better informed to make effective decisions. Those decisions are what can lead to building trust ultimately resulting in an excellent customer experience. RT Dynamic has a team of Odoo experts that are familiar with both the Odoo architecture and the real estate business.

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM Integration, Customization, Migration, and Support,we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs.  Get in touch for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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