Advantages of SuiteCRM for companies in the Media Industry


SuiteCRM was inaugurated in 2013. Since its release, it has taken the world by a storm because it is not only a full-featured CRM but is also open-source. Suite is appreciated across the globe because of its easy and low-cost implementation. It is particularly useful for industry verticals and can be customized to fulfill the needs of the ever-evolving media industry. 

SuiteCRM for Media Industry 

The Media Industry needs CRM to optimize and streamline its processes because they have to tackle a myriad of issues every day. These include managing the best time slots of Ads, scheduling different shows, running segmented marketing campaigns, and keeping track of a variety of clients. 

Companies usually do not have centralized databases to keep track of online and offline activities. A lot of time is wasted in trying to manage these details and a high margin of error prevails. You don’t have to worry about any of these things anymore. With SuiteCRM you can not only automize many of these processes but also execute excellent marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at how SuiteCRM will help your media business. 

Benefits of using Suite

Optimize your Business  

SuiteCRM allows media companies to optimize business processes. This is done primarily through holistic oversight over interactions with different stakeholders. The profiles and accounts of clients, vendors, other media houses, and relevant stakeholders can be made on SuiteCRM. The accounts further maintain the record of previous interaction and are immensely useful for crafting strategies and developing future partnerships. You can use SuiteCRM to enhance your customer management. It gives you a single database to manage and organize clients’ data. Using this database, you can create optimized and quick communication channels with your clients.

MediaCRM in the form of Suite is essential to track and analyze the performance of your company. You can monitor traffic during intervals and can quickly identify and rectify issues. 

Thus, you can maximize the uptime through SuiteCRM. You can push the overall performance of your company by increasing your efficiency. Most companies struggle because of a lag between the demand and supply side. However, with Suite, you can integrate the accounts of both sides and automate several processes. The resultant efficiency will take you by surprise! 

Suite also makes the slot management process easier. You can monitor the traffic and engagement during the selected slots and shuffle your options accordingly. The slots selection can be optimized to increase the engagement level dramatically! 

Harness marketing efficacy 

The success of media companies is shouldered by effective marketing campaigns. SuiteCRM will ensure that you get the best deal here. It enables you to consolidate your customer base by opting for optimized advertising. A synchronized database offline and online will give you a fair idea of which advertising strategies are the most effective. You can then cut down the expenditure on low yielding campaigns. 

Similarly, Suite helps you in running multi-channel marketing campaigns. You can leverage social media to identify patterns and expectations of your consumers. An oversight over multiple touchpoints will ensure that your strategies are attuned to the needs of your customers. You can orchestrate highly personalized marketing campaigns. Suite can be integrated with marketing automation platforms like Mautic and brilliant email marketing programs like Mailchimp. Highly specialized and segmented marketing will push your business to new heights. 

Benefit from effective forecasting  

In addition to improving your marketing efficiency, the reliable forecasting provided by Suite makes it a lucrative option for media companies. With SuiteCRM you would be able to get an accurate sales forecast. You can choose the most effective marketing pathways once you have the sales potential of your products in front of you. Similarly, budgetary allocations are usually based on projected sales. The forecasting provided by Suite will further assist you in increasing the return on your investments. 

Generate Dynamic Reports

Companies in the media industry have to constantly deal with many variable factors. SuiteCRM gives you the tools to not only understand the fluctuations. The consistently dynamic reports provided by SuiteCRM will greatly diminish the uncertainty in your business. You will be able to immediately identify issues or challenges and improvise your company’s strategy accordingly. 

Each department in your organization will be able to generate specific reports. The time frame of the reports can be set by individual departments. The highly customized reports would also provide a visual representation of the data. This eases the decision-making process considerably. Each department will also be able to get a bird’s eye view of the trends in the company and the marker. Thus they will make the best decisions, in a remarkably shorter time- ones that are congruent with the goals and targets of your organization. 

Our Perspective

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, SuiteCRM is ideal for media companies because it offers great workflow management as well. Suite’s implementation is easy and you can modify it through a number of readily available customizations, integrations and plugins. RT Dynamic is an official SuiteCRM partner and we would love to help you optimize your business with SuiteCRM. Reach out to us today to get a free consultation.  

RT Dynamic, being an Official SuiteCRM Experts firm, is proficient in the provision of services including SuiteCRM Migration, Integration, and Support. Get in touch by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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