4 Tips to Simplify Email Marketing with Automation


Keeping your data updated between SuiteCRM and Mailchimp is easier than the image most of you guys have made in your mind. It does not necessarily have to be a living nightmare. Instead, keeping both up to date can be beneficial for your company, especially in the long run. Why Mailchimp is popular is because of its degree of ease and amazing ability to drag and drop email campaigns. What’s better is it helps you create the most beautiful of campaigns without needing to have any knowledge about codes and how they work, saving you hours. Also coming with a range of SuiteCRM plugins and SuiteCRM themes to enhance your business. All in all, benefitting teams when sending Mailchimp campaigns based on SuiteCRM data.

To find a solution or understand where things can be simplified it is important to understand where the problem lies. In this situation, we can see the evident hurdle coming in the way, but it is not without possible solutions. So, what happens is teams export a report from SuiteCRM and import it into Mailchimp for each campaign. After doing this for a few campaigns this process becomes more or less monotonous and boring. Not only is it time-consuming but it also adds to costs as you may begin to maintain multiple audiences with the same contacts. Sorting out this data, removing duplicates, and making sure all data is up-to-date and organized can be a tricky trio to maintain. Now that the problem is identified a solution needs to be come up with. That is where companies begin the search to find different ways of automating data syncing between SuiteCRM and Mailchimp.

SugarChimp simplifies the everyday struggle of data automation between SuiteCRM and Mailchimp by keeping CRM data in perfect sync with Mailchimp data. Let’s look in more detail at how exactly SugarChimp can simplify your workflow automation.

Keep Mailchimp Up to Date with SuiteCRM Data

SugarChimp maintains continuous sync between SuiteCRM and Mailchimp, giving you the chance to maintain one up-to-date audience in Mailchimp. Helping you save on two most important things: time and money. When you maintain up-to-date data and audience in Mailchimp you can use Mailchimp’s segmenting tools to help you target subscribers and customers based on certain characteristics. You can gather information on their record data, interests, likes, and dislikes to help you create and send numerous targeted campaigns tailored to particular types of subscribers. This will help increase your engagements with customers and lead to deepened long-term relations. An example is creating a campaign for your old customers by advertising the selling of a complimentary product for them or perhaps a campaign to re-engage customers who have not repurchased in the last few months.

Utilize Mailchimp Automation Based on CRM Data Updates

Sugarchimp syncs data from SuiteCRM to Mailchimp every 5 minutes by default. If any changes are made in fields or other data, then they will be synced to Mailchimp enabling you to flexibly alter automation based on these changes accordingly. An example is reaching out to once upon active customers who may now have canceled. A follow-up with a tailored message or a demo of your product can be done to help bring them back. This gives the perfect amount of personalized human touch needed while minimizing the time required to maintain communication. This way both sides are happy and well, and your customers are shown that you care.

Feed Leads to SuiteCRM Automatically

A frustration of every team member not yet using Sugarchimp is the delay in getting leads to their sales team. This is a headache all team members face because they want a faster way of means. That is where SugarChimp comes in, it is a bi-directional sync where added subscribers in your audience can be synced back to SuiteCRM as leads, contacts, and targets. When a Mailchimp landing page is utilized you can gather interested leads who have already been added to your audience. That’s what Sugarchimp does, allowing you to sync all those gathered leads directly to SuiteCRM into the hands of your sales team.

Send Custom Email by Using Mailchimp Merge Tags Based on SuiteCRM Data

It is important to be unique and always stand out, no matter how old of a company you may be. Being a spotlight of a company and remembered in the minds and on the tongues of customers is a really outstanding accomplishment if achieved. So, this is what your company should always strive for. Personalizing your campaigns with customer details is one way to do it. Sending personal campaigns like birthday greetings or worldwide messages for Christmas maybe may seem like a small gesture from your side but can actually go a long way. These are things customers find affectionate, helping keep your name at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Looking for ways and chances to engage with your customers on a personal level will increase your company’s return on investment, enhance brand loyalty and help your business grow to another level.

So, as a company, you should definitely see what Sugarchimp can do for you. If anything, it will help you excel as a company and become a better you in a matter of no time.

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