Why Should You Integrate Your SuiteCRM with Asterisk?


It has been discussed time and time again that an Out of the box (OOTB) solution of SuiteCRM will fail to improve business efficiency. On the flip side, in fact, it is expected to reduce business efficiency and the effectiveness of the Marketing, Sales and Customer Support operations as the CRM instance becomes a hurdle in the business processes. This is exactly the reason that integration and customization of SuiteCRM have been stressed upon many a time.

Asterisk PBX

One method of bridging any communication gaps in your business processes is through ready-made communication solutions such as the SuiteCRM Add-ons by RT Dynamic. One such plugin which can solve a number of your communication problems is RT Telephony. RT Telephony is a plug-and-play solution that integrates your CRM instance with Twilio, adding communication capabilities in your CRM. However, this plugin allows little room for customization, restricting you to a specific set of features.

Asterisk PBX, on the other hand, is an open-source toolkit that allows you to create bespoke solutions for all of your communication needs. Such solutions can remove hurdles from your business processes involving communication. Furthermore, Asterisk powers IP (Internet Protocol) PBX (Private Branch Exchange), Voice-over-IP(VoIP) as well as conference servers. Businesses of all sizes, SMEs and large corporations alike, are using Asterisk nowadays to create robust solutions for their communication problems.

Asterisk Integration with SuiteCRM

Being two extremely different virtual products, SuiteCRM offers a lot of functionality that Asterisk does not and vice versa. But what if a business requires both? Using SuiteCRM and Asterisk simultaneously can cause inefficiencies, which include having to switch between both the programs, the constant need to update SuiteCRM whenever a call is made, as well as the lack of automation in the workflows. In order to reduce such inefficiencies, integrating Asterisk with SuiteCRM to come up with one single platform where all the workflows are carried out, is advised. This integration holds great benefits, as we are about to explore.

Features of SuiteCRM and Asterisk Integration

The integration of Asterisk with SuiteCRM not only rids a business of certain inefficiencies but also brings new and more efficient workflows. We explore all the advantages of SuiteCRM Asterisk integration in the form of the features available.

Click to Call Functionality

This allows you to call your customers/leads directly from their Record view. This is a quicker alternative, requiring just one click, than having to switch multiple windows and programs, searching the relevant lead/contact, and then making the call.

Popups with Information

It doesn’t matter whether you are making a call or receiving one, popups will come up with brief information about the person that you are interacting with so that you can make/receive calls in a more informed manner and are never caught off guard.

Call Recording Feature

All the calls that you make can be configured to be recorded and saved automatically so that you can always come back and go through your conversation again if the need ever arises.

Call Notes

The functionality of being able to jot down notes during a call can be added to your Asterisk integration with SuiteCRM. This has the added benefits of quickly noting down any important information which is then saved and linked to the relevant record and avoids the hassle of having to open any other program to do so.

Automatic Lead Creation

This integration also has the ability to automatically create leads in your SuiteCRM. If you receive a call from a new number, then a new lead is automatically created in your SuiteCRM and linked to that number. This way, your time is saved from having to manually create leads yourself and you can use that time in actually converting leads to sales won.

How to Get Your SuiteCRM Integrated with Asterisk?

The benefits of this integration mentioned above are not all. Since Asterisk is an open-source solution to communication problems, it can be configured to provide you as many features as you desire. It all depends on your imagination and in imagination, the sky is the limit.

But then, how can you get an integration that will allow you to reap the most benefits? That is a problem for SuiteCRM experts. RT Dynamic is one such firm that can integrate Asterisk with your SuiteCRM. However, do make sure that you have clarified all your aims and objectives regarding this integration to the team who will be handling this task since this integration is set to benefit your business for years to come.

Key Takeaways!

One of the best options for SuiteCRM integration is the integration of SuiteCRM with Asterisk. This integration has some very useful benefits for businesses. From click to call functionality to the ability to make notes during calls, Asterisk enables businesses to increase the efficiency of their business processes, especially in relation to communication. Once you have decided to get Asterisk integrated with your SuiteCRM, the next step will be choosing the best vendor for the task. RT Dynamic is one such vendor. Contact RT Dynamic today for a FREE Consultation Session.

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