Things to Know When Choosing the Best Odoo Consultant


Business management tools and its popularity have increased over time, becoming a common practice of functioning. In the 21st century digitalization has taken over and with it has introduced numerous business management tools that can be used by a company. This means there are a wide range of application-level capabilities catering to the needs of business management aspects. All in all, making the selection process of the right management tool a difficult decision for managers. Hence, it is important for the company to undergo a thorough analysis of every tools pros and cons, helping make a final decision for what is best for the company. The in depth analysis would have to consider all operational aspects to determine the management solution that will cater to all of the company’s functional requirements.

So, let’s move onto a quick introduction to what exactly Odoo is and what all the hype is about. Odoo is one of the best business management solution providing all the necessary management aspects for the functioning of a business. Being a CRM, it tops even ERP marketing by providing advanced operation capabilities and reliability in all the businesses operations. In regards to operations, Odoo is fully customizable where all functional aspects can be tailored and changed according to business operation and functional needs and Odoo upgrades can be applied where needed. As good as the benefits may sound, harnessing them to achieve better performance is not easy. You will need to hire the best people in the market to help you get exactly where you want to be. Why? Because Odoo is not something you can just go and buy like a software from a website, but it is something that needs to be developed after extensive research and understanding of your company’s needs of functioning and operations.

We have compiled together for you a blog to help you understand what to look out for when choosing an Odoo consultant.

Know Your Business from Top to Bottom

It is vital to understand your company’s complete operation before hiring an Odoo consultant. You must have complete knowledge of your company’s needs and operations so you can explain to the consultant what exactly you need. If you are not clear about things yourselves then it is not the right time to hire a consultant. An operational work plan of the business should be drafted and defined including all the involvement of Odoo to be used in daily operations. A good tip is to consult the company’s managers and staff as they have better understanding of the requirements of the business management solution compared to the business owners. Allowing developers to create the best solution based on the businesses operations.

Well Versed on Odoo

A good Odoo Consultant should be well versed in Odoo and have sufficient expertise and development knowledge to develop the best solutions and help the business out of any possible dilemmas. Spotting possible issues before they even arise is a special talent not everyone has, realizing some sort of hurdle is about to come up and solving that issue before it brings about damage to the company is a powerful insight. Those able to solve problems before they spread or prevent the damage before it becomes something major should be considered when deciding who to hire.

Capability to Craft Best Odoo Platform

The Odoo consultant is responsible to share a strategic plan and offer solution in accordance to the businesses effective operations. This means they should act as a functional consultant taking into consideration all aspects of the business and bringing to light areas of improvement. They should also act as a technical consultant looking at all the back end related stuff and when combined acting as a Techno-Functional consultant.

Customer Friendly aspects of the Consultant

Just having expertise will not cut it, if your consultant does not know how to interact or be friendly then there may be gaps of miscommunication. They should be customer friendly and customer-centric when coming up with solutions and strategies for your business operations. They should know when to consult and when not to and if consultation is needed then they should know how to do it the right way. Meaning they should be supporting all in the endeavors with the Odoo platform to make sure it is harnessed in the best possible way and ran successfully.

Support and Maintenance Aspects

The role of the Odoo consultant is to just come up with ways of development of the Odoo platform and how to run it, but it is a picture bigger than that. They should also be offering support and providing solutions during times of hardships in the functioning and working f the business. A good Odoo service provider is one who offers the right maintenance services and solutions to the right people at the right time, something hard to get a hang of.

When hiring an Odoo consultant the above things should be highly taken into consideration, RT Dynamic is a leading Odoo service provider making sure to provide your business with solutions before you think you need them. Being ahead of time is something not all companies can crack, but we are almost there.

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM Upgrades, Customization, Migration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs.Get in touch.We will be glad to assist you!

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