SuiteCRM Integration with RingCentral Virtual PBX


About RingCentral

SuiteCRM Integration with RingCentral Virtual PBX

RingCentral is the leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions and is empowering today’s mobile workforce to communicate, collaborate, and connect. RingCentral Virtual PBX has revolutionized business PBX. It comes with all the benefits of traditional legacy PBX systems without any of the hardware limitations.

Why integrate SuiteCRM with RingCentral PBX?

You might have heard this countless times but the need to have click to call functionality in SuiteCRM cannot be stressed enough. Times have changed and customers expect companies to be highly responsive. Integrating SuiteCRM with telephony features not only lets you make calls or send messages from within SuiteCRM but also boosts productivity and saves precious time. SuiteCRM integration is possible with a plethora of telephony apps but RingCentral arguably packs the most features including voice, fax, voicemail, extensions, conferencing, paging, intercom calling, etc.

SuiteCRM and RingCentral Virtual PBX – Features

Seamless User Experience

You can simply send faxes or messages and make outbound calls from list and record views of your SuiteCRM Accounts, Contacts or Leads modules. You can also conveniently reject, ignore or forward inbound calls from within SuiteCRM. Integration with SuiteCRM also encourages better bookkeeping. You can record calls and take notes during calls. These along with call logs of all your interactions through RingCentral are maintained and viewable within SuiteCRM. RT Dynamic promises a truly seamless user experience.

Maximum Protection

RingCentral’s cloud PBX is housed in bi-coastal, Tier 1 data centers. All calls and communications through RingCentral are encrypted and protected by multiple layers of enterprise-grade security, failover technology, physical and biometric security, system hardening, and 24/7 monitoring. This means that you can focus on other aspects of your business safe in the knowledge that your valuable company data and communications are in good hands.

Better Insights

As integrating RingCentral with SuiteCRM allows you to maintain a record of all your interactions within SuiteCRM, you can put it to better use with the reporting and analytics features present within SuiteCRM. Additionally, custom reports can be built to derive even precise inferences from call analytics. In this way, you can identify your clients’ preferences and respond to them in a more informed fashion in subsequent communications. You can also assess their profitability and decide how many resources you should allocate to them in the future.

RingCentral Mobile App

RingCentral lets you manage and access your entire phone system from the convenience of your smartphone using the RingCentral mobile app. You can change preferences on the move, share files, access messages and call up coworkers from their smartphones.

In the event of natural disaster, power outage or any other operational disruption, you can still call, fax, text, and host conference calls and online meetings on your smartphones using the RingCentral mobile app. You don’t even need an internet connection as the mobile app can leverage cellular networks for communication.

Cost Effectiveness

RingCentral’s all-inclusive monthly pricing offers you the best value for money as RingCentral regularly updates the cloud PBX, reducing costs associated with hardware maintenance and upgrades. Moreover, RingCentral is also very easy to use and manage so training and assistance costs are also kept to a minimum. Thus, not only are its upfront costs lesser than traditional on-premise PBX, it proves to be a better investment in the long run as well.

Other Features

Additionally, the integration allows you to simultaneously make multiple calls from a single SuiteCRM instance. With RingCentral meetings, you can conduct HD video conferences with up to 25 attendees. You can assign different extensions to different users or departments. You can also set up automated messages to better guide your clients even when you are not available.

The Bottom Line!

Unlike traditional on-premise phone systems, RingCentral offers a secure, comprehensive, and highly scalable communications system that adapts to your unique business processes and puts traditional PBXs to shame.

If you don’t need the fax and video conferencing features, you may want to consider RT Telephony, RT Dynamic’s very own plug-and-play VOIP solution. You can’t be wrong either way. Get in touch today to learn more about our SuiteCRM customizations and integrations. We would be happy to help you.

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