Here’s Why You Should Use A Virtual Assistant with SuiteCRM


A Virtual Assistant, also known as a Digital Assistant, is an application that comprehends natural language with the help of machine learning capabilities to complete tasks and actions. Virtual assistants are cloud-based programs that work in conjunction with your organization’s Sales and Support divisions. A virtual assistant can take the bulk of the tasks off your workforce and help improve efficiency in a number of different ways, very much like SuiteCRM. But, in order for you to truly hit gold with your customer management processes, you need to use a Virtual Assistant with SuiteCRM

Head on over here if you’re wondering why you need a SuiteCRM in the first place.

Otherwise, scroll on to learn how a Virtual Assistant with SuiteCRM can do wonders for you!

Real-time Support and Automation

Probably one of the most cumbersome tasks when it comes to customer management. Heading into 2019, Customer Support is going to be a big differentiator that will make or break your client base; and as it so happens, support plays a huge part in it. 24/7 Support is something every customer expects but few organizations can provide. With a virtual assistant in place, you can automate all your support tasks and provide 24/7 services to your customers. Virtual assistants understand natural language and can respond to basic and complex queries on its own. With its machine learning capabilities, your virtual assistant can grow to understand your business and help you delegate redundant tasks to an automated bot

Cost Reduction

Quite self-explanatory, when you automate your support functions, a big chunk of your manpower can be leveraged for more meaningful tasks. A company without a virtual assistant probably has a number of employees dedicated to customer support. Their day-to-day tasks involve handling the Support channels and answering customer queries. This works until your company grows, customers increase, and you find yourself with a number of bottlenecks. But if you have a virtual assistant in place, all of these tasks can be automated, your workforce liberated, and your customer support on top of things at all times, regardless of scale. You can then put the extra resources to good use and put them where they are actually needed.

Optimize Sales and Up-selling

By using a virtual assistant with a SuiteCRM, you can optimize your Sales and increase your up-selling capabilities. The age old trick to up-selling is a happy customer, but good luck doing that with a sub-par support system. But if you use a virtual assistant, you can solve all your support issues in one go (as we mentioned) and focus your efforts on up-selling your services and products. With a SuiteCRM, all your leads and customers are automatically sent to a single unified platform and a virtual assistant can automatically schedule follow-up emails, gated offers, and so much more.

Consistent Brand Image and Voice

When you have a virtual assistant in place, you can put your employee troubles to rest once and for all. A virtual assistant isn’t going to find better opportunities to move on to and won’t decide to call it a day. Your customers will be corresponded to in a consistent manner that will resonate with your brand image. Simply set up a virtual assistant and say goodbye to your client servicing worries once and for all.

There are a number of different virtual assistants present in the market and you can have any one of those integrated with your SuiteCRM. Get in touch for a Free Business Analysis and we’ll set you up with all the SuiteCRM customization and integration you need!

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