SuiteCRM Google Apps Integration: An Overview


Everyone uses Google Apps to a certain extent, that is an undisputed fact for the era we live in. If you have an Android smartphone you already know why that is, Google Apps are baked in for everyday use. Our phone calendars use Google Calendar by default, so that is where our various tasks and appointments are being saved. Google Drive is where our emails, photos, and documents are being stored. The point being, almost everyone is utilizing Google’s services to go about their daily tasks. You can leverage this by having a SuiteCRM integration with your Google Apps to sync all that important data. 

Having Google Apps running on your CRM in one way or another is extremely beneficial to your business process. When you integrate, you can access your Google files, tasks, emails, and reminders in a singular SuiteCRM interface. This means a major decrease in manual effort leading to efficient work and more productivity. 

Sales teams are most likely using Google Apps, but using them without integration comes with some bottlenecks of their own. Data tends to become disorganized over time this way, contacts get scattered and marketing sources get disconnected. Each Google App benefits from the integration and can be used in unique ways that can help you organize your business process


The popular email client can now be used inside your SuiteCRM! Compose emails and reply to your clients without leaving the interface, and view your entire message history at a glance. Having an email client like Gmail inside your CRM is an absolute must to contact leads and recurring customers. It is the desired channel for all types of business correspondence as well as for launching campaigns. There is no worry when it comes to missing any important email, as SuiteCRM will give you reliable real-time alerts. 

Google Calendar

All the data from your Google Calendar will be synced into the calendar built into SuiteCRM. You can customize SuiteCRM to alert you of only specific types of events that have been fed into your calendar. Two-way synchronization makes it so that any change taking place on either end will be updated instantaneously. You can still use the calendar you want, but with syncing turned on data can be available there for when you cannot use your preferred one.

Google Maps

With Google Maps integration you can take advantage of location data fed into all of your client profiles. This way you can segment and filter all of them by their location. Go broad by country or narrow them down by the state or city they reside in. Once you have exact locations with you, plan sales routes from inside SuiteCRM, and send the relevant teams. Create a radial view of all of your leads on the map to compare distances and priorities. With that information in place, you can easily decide who to tackle first.

Google Contacts

Contacts saved to your Gmail are your Google Contacts, many details can be added to them. These include notes, pictures, and other contact details like phone numbers, addresses, etc.  The two-way sync also applies here, edits made to the contact inside SuiteCRM will replicate itself on the original. The same goes for the other way around so you won’t really have to leave the CRM interface. Our SuiteCRM Developers make sure that nothing is left out in the integration process, resulting in a smooth experience.

Google Drive

Arguably the most important area of Google services inside your SuiteCRM. Google Drive is the foundation of all that was mentioned above this, it hosts their storage on the cloud. You can store all manner of file types on Google’s servers and with the integration, you can open and use them immediately in SuiteCRM. That means you can edit documents without opening Google Docs, Sheets, and/or Slides. 

Get Google Apps inside SuiteCRM now!

Google Apps running inside SuiteCRM takes you out of the confines of those applications individually. A high level of control is instead given to your SuiteCRM to handle the load in one central hub. RT Dynamic has also developed plugins that further optimize the Google Apps experience. They are namely RT GSync and RT Salesmap, and they deal with efficient syncing and Google Maps respectively.

So get Google Apps inside SuiteCRM now and leverage Google’s easy to use ecosystem.

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