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Running a startup is no mean feat. You have to put your focus where it belongs and look at each and every variable in existence. A number of startups fail each year simply because the going gets too tough for them. Managing expenses, forecasting sales, reporting losses and much more go into maintaining a startup before it becomes self-sustainable. But what if I told you there’s something called a Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) that can do a whole lot of these tasks for you? Is it too good to be true? Well, it is true!

A CRM is a platform that can store all your customer data and help you track their relationship with your business for more productive insights that will help your business grow. Let’s take a look at specifically how you can leverage SuiteCRM and its open-source CRM tools for your startup and/or small business. SuiteCRM is one of the most customizable CRM platforms in the market, with an open-source code that lets you modify its processes and contents to suit your business needs.

Consolidation of Customer Information

With SuiteCRM, you can consolidate all of your customer information in one place to ensure you’re right on top of things. Numerous companies start off without a CRM in place for their startups and find themselves in a tight spot later on when the business grows. Opting for a SuiteCRM at the beginning is a stroke of genius that will organize and classify your customers so that you can give them a more personalized experience, improve your customer management database, and easily retarget them for up-selling and cross-selling. You can also use multiple SuiteCRM integrations to broaden your customer data acquisition e.g. get social updates on your customers, get notified when they talk about your brand, and so on!

Sales Automation

There are a number of different automation avenues that you can explore when it comes to SuiteCRM. As a startup, your primary focus should be to expand your customer base and increase sales .Manually doing this can be time-consuming and prone to errors. But with SuiteCRM, you can simply automate the most crucial sales checkpoints and optimize your business development. SuiteCRM is fully capable of handling lead generation, lead management and lead nurturing, before going on to close a lead; all through automation. As we head into 2019, be sure to connect your SuiteCRM with a virtual assistant to further improve your sales management. Besides sales, you can also Marketing Automation to improve your ROI.

Make the most of the SAAS Model

SuiteCRM is a free open-source platform that helps startups and small businesses leverage the best of what a CRM has to offer for literally nothing. But that’s not the best part. With SuiteCRM, you can expand once your business grows by going with SuiteAssured, an enterprise level solution that is GDPR compliant and ensures long-term security. The gist of the matter is that with SuiteCRM, you can scale and expand at leisure depending upon the state of your business and its growth. SuiteCRM doesn’t want you spending big bucks on a platform you’re not fully going to utilize, and it also doesn’t want you to outgrow the free version. No matter where your business is in its lifecycle, SuiteCRM has a solution for you!

Counter the Silo Mentality

Siloing in business is when different departments work in isolation with very little exchange of information. You don’t want that in your startup, and you certainly don’t want it when your business grows. With SuiteCRM, you can do just that by ensuring all of your teams are working coherently. Simply by using access controls and authorizations, you can categorize which resource has access to which data. This way your support and sales teams can both work together to close a lead and then provide the required support. Similarly, both sales and marketing teams can work together to improve lead generation and lead nurturing.

Our Two Bits!

So in all certainty, a SuiteCRM for startups is a safe bet to keep your business organized, optimized, and structured from the very beginning. The consolidation of customer data will improve your database and you can use various SuiteCRM automations to properly extract the most out of it. The SAAS model and cloud nature will ensure all the variables in your organization are working collectively and are on the same page. SuiteCRM for Startups is a wise investment.

Get in touch if you’re looking for a SuiteCRM for your business. RT Dynamic is a SuiteCRM official partner. Get in touch for a free consultation session to analyze your business needs and find the perfect SuiteCRM for your business.

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