SuiteCRM and Facebook Integration (using Facebook API) – A Must Have!


These days, the social media landscape is expanding. Among other social media platforms, Facebook is seeing an exponential increase in its active users. This means endless opportunities to score for businesses as there is a large pool of potential buyers. It is an effective way to create brand awareness and boosts your sales. Therefore, for your business to market its products well on Facebook, a clear-cut strategy should be adopted. In such a situation, the integration of CRM and social media is quite important because it greatly influences consumer behavior. Things are much easier if you are using SuiteCRM because you can integrate it with Facebook for better and efficient management of your tasks.

In this article, we will talk about how SuiteCRM Facebook integration is done and in what ways it is beneficial for your business. So, SuiteCRM integration with Facebook is done using the Facebook API. If the terminology seems a bit technical, don’t worry. We have explained it in easy words for you. Right here!

What is Facebook API?

The Facebook API is a platform that allows you to build applications that are made available to Facebook users. Through the API, the applications can use social connections and information from different user profiles. This makes the applications more inclusive and you can also publish activities on the newsfeed and Facebook’s profile pages. Therefore, it increases the functionality of Facebook.

Benefits of SuiteCRM Facebook Integration

Now that you understand the technical aspect of SuiteCRM Facebook integration, let’s have a look at how it will optimize your business processes.

Dig Deeper into Your Customer’s Profiles

With Suite CRM Facebook integration, you can get a deeper insight into the ways your customers interact with your product on Facebook. You can take public data from their Facebook profiles and segment your customers through multiple filters such as demographics, age, gender, jobs, and interests. Moreover, CRM integration also gives you the opportunity to get data of a potential customer’s interaction on Facebook with your business. This information comes in handy during market research, so you can identify your target market and leverage your SuiteCRM.

Streamline Activity Management on Facebook

Through the Facebook API, you can automate most of the tasks related to Facebook on your SuiteCRM. Isn’t it time-consuming to post on Facebook and keep a track of all the never ending notifications? It won’t be a hassle now as SuiteCRM will automate post scheduling and notifications on Facebook. In short, it will take care of all your social activity on Facebook. Thus, you can spend more time interacting with the customers and build stronger relationships. Moreover, SuiteCRM streamlines your social media management and will give you better analytics and actionable insights into your business on Facebook.

Facebook Lead Generation

SuiteCRM Facebook integration can help you in identifying which products are more liked by the visitors on your page. This helps in refining your target market to identify leads and lets you know which products and services are currently trending. This also gives you the opportunity of up-selling and cross-selling. With CRM integration, the leads can be automatically downloaded in your CRM. This will end the nuisance of downloading leads into spreadsheets, as all the data will automatically be saved into your SuiteCRM. In addition, it will allow you to take real-time action on the leads. Another benefit of SuiteCRM Facebook integration is that it can reduce the cost per lead. Just when a lead shows interest in your product or service, your CRM allows you to get in touch with them. This will also help to fasten the follow-up process because the sooner you get in touch with a lead, the higher are its chances of conversion.

Monitor People’s Interest

Isn’t it an untiring task to confirm that people are interested in your products and services? This usually results in running lead ads on Facebook. With your SuiteCRM Facebook integration, the process of reaching out to a lead can be automated. So, when somebody sees your Facebook lead ad and takes action on it, they will get an automated confirmation response from your SuiteCRM to approve their information. The secondary confirmation here plays a critical role; it will assure you that people are interested in a certain lead ad and want to hear more about it. All in all, this will help you to improve the conversion rate.

Key Takeaway!

SuiteCRM integration with Facebook will help you optimize your marketing campaigns across Facebook. It is also effective in managing and communicating with your leads. As you can automate the day to day task through your SuiteCRM, it will also save you a lot of time. If you are looking for SuiteCRM Facebook integration, get in touch with us!

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