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The element of automation can be seen in our everyday lives and everyday activities. Helping make activities like household chores easier in people’s lives and operations easier in the life of businesses. Automation has simplified functioning and reduced the overall time spent on routine activities. Hence, giving us ample time to focus on more productive aspects of our lives and the functioning of our businesses. When it comes to business operations and how they have been simplified we can look at the tools and elements that are bought into the company. Such tools have improved productivity, efficiency and performance in turn generating higher levels of profits.

In a world full of modernization and fast moving civilization, the need for automation based tools is needed to simplify the operational aspects of a company’s functioning to help them keep up with the latest business trends. A company will understand that they need an automation tool but the question that arises is what is the right tool to be incorporated into the business. For this, the company has to undergo an extensive analysis and be aware of the capabilities of these solutions and how they will cater to the functional needs of operations.

Let’s go into the details of how the Odoo platform can bring advanced automation-based tools for business operations and management.

Advanced Integrations Capability                             

The Odoo platform has an advanced capability of Odoo integrating with other application-specific tools, which will bring about benefits for the functioning of the company. There are various third-party software solutions, integrated machinery and equipment which is needed for the functioning of business operations. These integrations make data transferring and communication between Odoo and that implemented tool easier.

Biometric Devices and Scanners

The Odoo platform supports the operations of Biometric devices, which are helpful in the aspect of employee management. Moreover, these devices will help register the attendance of employees by having biometric scanners placed at the company entrance. They also act as a sense of authorization to allow employees to enter a specific location and know who has gone to which room. These biometric devices can be of multiple types including fingerprint readers, command systems, blood sample detectors, voice recognition and many other technological solutions.

Barcode Scanners

What’s better is that the Odoo platform supports the integration of Barcode scanners by default, which is helpful when it comes to product verification and invoicing aspects. Barcode scanners can also be connected to your Odoo platform directly by installing the barcodes application from the Odoo apps menu. Once done, the rest is quite simple, it becomes a plug-in and helps play in operations. Making scanning and generating barcodes for products, services, discounts and invoicing aspects easier than ever.

IOT Devices

You all may be similar with the term, the Internet of Things. If not, then in simple words IoT is the future of automation which has been offering impeccable solutions to users of technology over the past few years. The root of IoT has been embedded into all businesses, where manufacturing and production facilities use devices and equipment with IoT-based technology in all their operations. It is so powerful that even Odoo developers have defined a dedicated IoT module that will help users understand how to connect with IoT devices using the IoT Book tool kit available on the Odoo website. It configures multiple IoT-based devices such as motors, switchers, sensors and many more applications-oriented tools and machines.

There is an aspect of external integration with Odoo and a process of Odoo customizations as well, that will cater to the automation-based elements in the functioning of the business. However, the Odoo platform has certain features which make it automation friendly by default. This includes helping in the business operations management, simplifying the tasks of business control and monitoring.

Let’s understand the aspects it aids in more detail:

·       Create your workflow of operations and gain the operational controls.

·       Successfully turn potential leads into customers

·       Automate lead enrichment activities and processes

·       Automate your time triggered by setting timers over periods of days, weeks or months. This will alert the respective person when needed or trigger the activity automatically at the time set.

In today’s world, Odoo is one of the most advanced business management solution holding capabilities needed to cater to every operation needs of the business. It not only ensures time operations control in all business management aspects but also continuously lets you measure performance. However, it is important to note that just like automation is one of the primary elements needed in the functioning of Odoo, there are also other multiple advanced aspects. These include artificial intelligence and machine learning aspects, which are fully available in the new versions of the Odoo platform.

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