How to Maximize your CRM ROI


Return of Investment or ROI, is the end goal for every business. Every new initiative, every new undertaking is done for the purpose of a certain return on investment. So it only makes sense to think your organization is going to be breathing down your neck if your CRM doesn’t show a good ROI.

The fact that most organizations aren’t aware of its full breath of functions means you’re up against the wall. One wrong step and they’ll probably pull the plug on the whole CRM implementation. Read on for ways to maximize your CRM ROI and use it to its full potential.

Increase User Adoption aka Bring your Organization onboard!

The biggest challenge standing in your way is perhaps your own organization. Due to its complex nature and perception of it being very tricky, most people aren’t willing to fully adopt a CRM. Less user adoption could possibly be the reason for a decreased ROI. In order to increase your ROI, start by defining roles for each team and its members within a project. Start early and bring your team on board from the beginning of the implementation. This will ensure that your team gets considerable time to get familiar with the CRM and consequently be more open to adoption. SuiteCRM is one of the most user-friendly CRM platforms. It can easily be customized and integrated with a list of third-party platforms to improve your user adoption rate.

Proper training is one of the most overlooked aspects during a CRM migration or implementation. Avoiding this and abiding by the suggestions outlined above, you can considerably increase your CRM ROI.

Industry Vertical Features aka Pick only what you need!

A CRM can seem complicated on its own without the addition of numerous pre-loaded features that are of no concern to you. Avoid overcomplicating processes and optimize your CRM functions by carefully choosing features that sit well with your needs and business components. Many CRM platforms are full of bloatware that has nothing to add to your business needs. Pick a simple CRM platform i.e. SuiteCRM, and then invest in additional industry vertical features by opting for CRM customizations and integrations i.e. MailChimp Marketing Integration. This will help you hit the ground running and improve your productivity, all of which will reflect positively on ROI.

Consolidate Data aka Everyone on one page!

Every department in your organization should be on the same page when it comes to leads, prospects and customers. This is mandatory to ensure that the customer is dealt with in a timely and sufficient manner. The CRM should be accessible to your entire organization so that your service teams, support teams and marketing teams are on the same page. This will result in better strategies to contain, sustain and bring more customers to your organization.

CRM Upgrade aka Stay ahead of the curve!

Invest in a CRM that’s scalable and upgradable. Sooner or later, your organization is going to expand and when that time comes you want to be sure your business processes don’t get affected. Upgrades bring along new features that improve productivity and increase efficiency of your processes. An upgrade can make all the difference when it comes to ROI. If your CRM isn’t upgrading, you’re missing out on a whole lot more than just process improvements.

If you see yourself stuck in one of these ditches and can’t find a way out, Get in touch RT Dynamic is an official SuiteCRM partner and can help you out with all your SuiteCRM integration and customization needs.

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