ECommerce Made Easy By Integrating OdooCRM with Shopify


Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms out there. With the ability to make the online shopping experience seamless and efficient, Shopify enables businesses to flourish by attracting a large customer base.

The need for integrating an eCommerce platform with a CRM arises when the business process needs to be managed in an optimal way, without compromising on the performance, following an increase in popularity or demand. In this scenario, a proper platform needs to exist where vendors can manage their sales process, track leads, manage their inventory as well as ensure customer retention.

OdooCRM is one of the best-suited CRMs to integrate with an eCommerce platform. With an innovative and flexible approach to managing businesses, Odoo enables users to follow leads, track opportunities, and use the data available to plan viable future endeavors. Combined with an eCommerce platform, these benefits would be even more pronounced.

So what benefits do businesses yield from integrating Shopify with OdooCRM? Let’s explore!

Better Customer Service

OdooCRM Integration with Shopify is a good way to ensure consistency in customer service. The customer information present in Shopify can be easily synced with the relevant fields in the CRM. In this manner, users are prevented from manually entering records. Once the customer base is recorded and identified, the business could get insight into the purchasing patterns and preferences for each customer. With this information, the customers can be pitched products and services they might be interested in on the eCommerce platform. In this way, not only is customer satisfaction ensured, but so is customer retention. 

Easy Data Sync

The customer data is not the only information synced between Shopify and Odoo during integration. Information from the eCommerce platform could be used to determine the status of the inventory. With the information available, businesses can plan their supply chain management and ensure that enough products are available to serve customer demand. Each individual item or service that the business provides also needs to be listed in the relevant fields within the CRM so as to keep track of the items that the business deals with. This information can also be synced easily upon integration. Lastly, the integration also enables Shopify to share order details with OdooCRM so that the order management can be handled in an optimized way. The information about the nature and value of the order, along with the customer in question, is all essential information to keep track of the business process.

Streamlined Order Management

Once orders are synced up, Odoo CRM can be used to track their status and handle any changes as they come. Should any order be modified, canceled, or renewed, the status is updated in Odoo. In this manner, keeping the CRM up to date would allow it efficiently manage orders and keep track of their progress as they move through the pipeline. The CRM can also keep track of order deliveries to ensure efficiency. All this information can also be used to track the general performance of the business.

Increased Social Presence

With eCommerce platforms, comes the need to stay online and in touch with the customers. With the advent of chatbots, this interaction has been made easy with companies getting in direct touch with their customers. This opens u an opportunity to build lasting relationships with the customers and ensure customer satisfaction by offering personalized discounts in order to reach out to customers in a more personal manner. This is where the CRM platform comes in. With a complete database of customers available at your hand, you can easily determine clients that can benefit from any discounts, and what difference it could make to the overall sales of the company, should that discount be given. This kind of insight is not available to an eCommerce platform alone.

Invoicing Made Easy  

With all the inventory, products, services, and order information already present in the CRM, it would follow that invoicing would be an easy task to automate, thanks to the platform. Additionally, the finances are also kept track of in the CRM. The transaction information is synced so any transaction in Shopify is automatically registered in Odoo. This information can be used to generate invoices that are then transferred back to the eCommerce platform in order to complete the transaction. This bi-directional data sync helps both platforms come together to optimize the business process.

How Can We Help?

OdooCRM is a popular choice of CRM for integrations with eCommerce platforms. Integrating Shopify with Odoo enables users to reach out to customers in a more personalized manner and keep track of their preferences to ensure that they are served in the best possible way. RT Dynamic can help in that regard by offering Odoo CRM integration with Shopify. With the help of our team of Odoo certified experts, leverage the best of Odoo and Shopify by integrating the platforms as per your needs. The OdooCRM software is open-source and as a result, can be tailored just according to your needs.

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM IntegrationCustomizationMigration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs.Get in touch for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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