CRM for Gym: 5 Things You Should Know!


The Fitness Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Gyms are no longer home to just professional athletes and gym rats. The increase in health awareness and pop culture have brought a lot of people to fitness centers, consequently bringing challenges to the gym management. It’s high time the fitness industry adopts a CRM to optimize and streamline its processes. Sure, your neighborhood gym could do without one but major gym franchises can make a huge difference with a CRM for Gym.

A Gym usually has a number of different entities that work in cohesion. Our CRM Developers went about to identify what these were to properly understand how a CRM could benefit the fitness industry. Based on these findings, we came up with a number of module customizations and dashboards that can help the management organize and improve its business operations.

Read on as we dissect what a CRM for Gym includes and how you can leverage the most out of it.

Dedicated Custom Modules

Admin Module

The admin module contains a robust overview of all the important components of your gym to give the management a consolidated view of all the important information. The admin module allows quick analysis and efficient management with details about:

  • Budget (Expenses & Profits)
  • Revenue
  • Maintenance Details

Trainer Module

The Trainer Module includes all the details on the employed trainers, giving you a 360 degree view. You can look at their status, personal information and assigned clients from one single

place along with:

  • Weekly Schedules
  • Salary Details
  • Progress Reports
  • Shift Timings

Members Module

The Members Module is your go-to place for all the information on your members. This custom module gives you details i.e. personal information, medical history and workout schedules. The main features of the Members Portal are:

  • Attendance Records
  • Health Records
  • Subscription Details
  • Client Measurements

Attendance Module

The Attendance Module includes all the attendance records of your employees and staff. You can choose any number of attendance mechanisms i.e. fingerprint scanning, ID input, or Card scanner. The attendance module will maintain all records and prompt employees about overdue payments.

Customized Portals

This CRM for Gym also includes customized portals where designated users can log in to find details pertaining to their needs. The customized portals can be modified according to your needs and business requirements. The following two portals are included by default.

Instructor Portal

This portal can be accessed by the gym instructors to look at their client progress reports, schedules, workout details. The reporting features can also be accessed to create reports based on this data for efficient analysis.

Member Portal

The Member Portal works similarly to the Instructor Portal and can be accessed by active members to view details of their interest. Members can find their workout schedules and target achievements in this module.

CRM Integrations

This CRM for Gym works well and truly beyond the scope of day-to-day business activities and processes. You can have a number of CRM integrations with third-party platforms to further enhance your experience. The CRM can be integrated with various accounting apps to consolidate all your financial data inside the CRM. It can also be integrated with payment gateways to minimize your reliance on different platforms for different tasks. With a CRM in place, you can carry out all of these activities from one single platform.

Other Integrations

You can have the Members Module integrated with any Marketing platform to fetch information on prospect and leads. You can then carry out a host of Marketing processes i.e. email marketing and target these leads with customized offers. You can also have this portal integrated with various social media platform to get insights on customer response and perception to better analyze and predict your marketing efforts and spendings.

Key Takeaway!

All of these features make for excellent package that can truly help companies in the fitness industry maximize their potential and growth. The dedicated custom modules and portals allow connects all the different variables in play and ensure complete transparency and organization with regards to your business processes. The various integrations leave the door open for scalability and growth and ensure you are always ahead of the curve.

RT Dynamic is a SuiteCRM official partner. Get in touch for a free consultation session to analyze your business needs and find the perfect SuiteCRM modifications for your business.

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