A Look At Odoo Hospital Management System


OdooCRM is a renowned Business Management System that seeks to organize your business. This it achieves by integrating multiple aspects of your life. Previously Odoo was concerned with providing data management solutions to businesses but now it aims to cater to the needs of the healthcare sector too. Odoo’s Hospital Management System is a classic example of how accessible and easy to use software can ensure that societies have an effective Health Management System. 

The realization that health is perhaps the most valuable asset of an individual and the society in large has seeped in most efficiently following the ongoing global health crisis. It has also revealed the need for a more competent data management system in our hospitals. Odoo’s efficient Hospital Management System can ensure that hospitals are on top of the things. It organizes all the data of the hospital in categories that are easy to access.  Simultaneously it prevents loss or overlap of data. Thus, making your business reliable and clutter-free. The diverse functions of the software ensure that all aspects of your hospital, from patient information and medical information to financial data, are integrated. 

So what exact features and services are offered by Odoo Hospital Management System? And what impact would it have on the day-to-day functioning of hospitals? Let’s explore!

Create Appointments

The software comes with the feature to create appointments for the patients. The status of the appointments can be updated. At the same time, the details of the appointment can be filled in. These details include list of prescribed medicines, nursing plans, discharge plans among other details.  This ensures that all information is readily available and only a few clicks away. 

Inpatient Registration Records Kept

Odoo Hospital Management System is designed to keep a record of the patients that are admitted to the hospital. In addition to the regular demographic and diagnosis related details, the system allows the Hospital to record the particulars of things like Therapeutic Diet belief. Similarly it keeps record of the medicines that are administered to the patient. The system maintains an active record of the Nursing and Discharge plans. 

Patient Details In Intensive Care Maintained

The system keeps a record of the patients admitted in the Intensive Care Units. The medical history of the patients for example information like ventilation history can easily be stored. It also provides specific services like calculating the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), Electrocardiography ( ECG ), and Acute Physiology and Chronic Health evaluation 2 ( APACHE 2 ) score. 

Active Database Of Patient Records Tracked

As indicated earlier, Odoo’s Healthcare Management System keeps track of patient record and medical history. Specific patient information like Name, Date of Birth, socio-economic details, previous medical history, and visits to the hospital can be recorded. In addition to this, details of Patients’ diet, exercise regime, addiction history, lab tests, Genetic Risk Details, Pap smear test details etc. can be kept in the database of the system. Similarly, information regarding bodily scans can be saved too. The availability of all kinds of information to the doctors assists in the holistic diagnosis of the patients. This aspect is bound to improve Hospital’s capacity to cater to its patients.

Maintain Laboratory’s System 

Odoo’s Heath Management System links the hospital with the laboratories. It enables the creation of Lab Test Requests. Additionally, it helps in generate Draft Lab test results according to the template required by the Hospital. Similarly, it facilitates the process of entering test results in the templates. This ensures that the Hospitals Laboratory System is synced with the rest of the data. 

Easy Invoice Generation

Invoices can easily be generated by using this system. The type of invoice can vary depending on the services contracted by the patient. Odoo’s software ensures that the invoices are added automatically to the Hospital’s Balance Sheet. This ensures that the financial aspect of the Hospital runs smoothly. 

To Summarize!

Odoo’s Health Management System is effective and efficient. It is a centralized software that keeps track of a myriad of activities that are taking place at the same time. The system has been designed to fulfill the needs of varied healthcare systems. For example, it can be tailored to the needs of both a big hospital with multiple specialized wards as well as small clinics. The use of the software considerably reduces the manual labor required to maintain the ever-burgeoning data of the hospital. 

Odoo CRM Integration with Hospital Management System is bound to create even more seamless management, whether it is concerning the business end of the things, such as billing and invoicing, or if it is concerned with patient data and its sensitivity. Either way, RT Dynamic can provide the best CRM integration solutions that would allow a comprehensive Health Management System such as Odoo’s to be perfectly tailored according to the very specific needs of the users.

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