5 Reasons to choose SuiteCRM for Financial Services


Investment Management and Wealth Management are two of the biggest industries in the world and today we’re going to talk about how SuiteCRM can optimize these operations with a SuiteCRM for Financial Services. This customized SuiteCRM solution brings new possibilities to the use of CRM in banking and finance. With capitalization in full swing and more and more organizations looking to bolster their revenue with investments, there can’t be a better time to make use of a CRM for financial services that can help you manage the expectations of these clients and give them the result that they so demand.

Our customized SuiteCRM for Financial Services is a cloud platform that brings all the different entities together to give the financial advisors the right tools to give each client the perfect solution by having a consolidated view of all the different variables of the client in question.

Let’s take a look at how this CRM system works!

Parallel Entities

This SuiteCRM for Financial Services strives to bring all the different entities involved in a financial service together. The most common entities involved are Clients, Advisors, Investors, Sectors, and Deals. This solution makes use of multiple SuiteCRM custom modules to mold the solution into a complete juggernaut for your financial operations. A Financial Advisor who, as of now, is managing all these different entities individually can use this solution to bring all of them together on one platform and analyze metrics and opportunities for investment in a more productive manner. Large organizations with hundreds of clients and investors can exponentially increase their ROI with the help of our SuiteCRM for Financial Services.

Custom Investors Module

Custom modules let you dedicate a section to a particular point of interest for your organization. In the case of Financial Management, a major point of interest is Investors. With this custom module, every Investor in your database is featured inside this module with all the necessary supporting documents and information to give your financial managers a holistic view of these investors. This custom module serves as a portfolio of sorts for the client’s investment and outlines the client’s investment, designated advisor, ROI, along with their assets.

Fully Integratable CRM Solution

The SuiteCRM for Financial Services CRM can be integrated with a number of different SuiteCRM Plugins to enhance its functionality. You can send and receive documents electronically, find all the investors and clients in a visual representation on Google Maps, and make use of VOIP protocols to make calls to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Take a look at all the different SuiteCRM Integrations we offer to make sure you hit the ground running!

SuiteCRM Plugins

Custom SuiteCRM Dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing that shows up when you log into your SuiteCRM, so it only makes sense that it shows you the most important stuff first and foremost. With our SuiteCRM for Financial Services, you can do just that with the help of relevant dashboard information that is displayed instantly so your financial investor can get to work right off the bat. As soon as you log in, the dashboard displays a detailed view of your client and pending tasks.

SuiteCRM Reports

In order to leverage most of the data you’re given, you need to make use of SuiteCRM Reports so that you can get relevant insights into your clients. When it comes to the financial industry, meticulousness is a standard trait. You as an advisor need to understand, forecast, and predict all the different ways in which the financial industry could change and anticipate any kind of volatile movement. In order to help you do that, our SuiteCRM for Financial Services includes out-of-the-box reports that can help you filter data and create meaningful reports for better market analysis. Not to mention, with these reports, you can also manage and advise in a more coherent manner.

Key Takeaway!

With the help of our SuiteCRM for Financial Services, your financial management operations can really take a turn toward continued expansion and growth. Dedicated modules, consolidated entities, and out-of-the-box reports make this a complete CRM system for the financial and wealth management industry; the integrations and plugins serve as icing on the cake that makes this an absolute necessity for the financial investment sector.

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