Your Complete Guide to Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Just imagine this. Your company being able to maximize its total marketing efforts without having to put in extra hours of time or doing piles of more work. The idea that your marketing team would have knowledge about all the know how’s of marketing and would successfully be able to create more effective campaigns with better insights at hand. That is where Salesforce brings Marketing Cloud, the world’s #1 marketing platform into the story. From helping organizations manage and control all their marketing activities seamlessly to monitoring social media account accounts, from running customized email campaigns to broadening the brands visibility and enhancing customer experience, this innovative product does it all.

It is important to understand the relations businesses have with its customers is continuously evolving in nature with every passing year. Being able to deliver your customer a smooth experience as well as cater to their needs in the way they want and how they want it done is important. Ignoring these factors mean you will not be on the path to success as quickly as you should be. You may understand what Salesforce marketing cloud is but this is useless if you do not know the benefits it will bring about to your business. This blog will guide you through the complete Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform where we will be discussing its benefits, products and importance that if implemented, can all collectively bring about a positive difference in your business.

So, without further ado let’s look at all the ins and outs of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud is an innovative product introduced by Salesforce’s platform to help organizations expand their visibility on the online marketplace. All in all, the purpose of this platform is to help boost a business’s digital marketing position by helping them prosper in this aspect. This will easily allow the company to create seamless experiences across every customer touchpoint through different marketing tools. Being able to do so would mean a better understanding of your customers and deeper relations hence meaning you will be able to target their needs in a customized and personalized way. Being more technology-driven and less human-driven means more productivity, fewer errors, and the chance of more data being connected across multiple sources to gain a unified view of all your customers.

The best thing is that this platform helps organizations grow with it, it does not keep them in one position for several years but in fact, helps them move forward further deepening customer relationships and powering the company’s marketing.

How Does Salesforce Marketing Cloud Work?

Marketing Cloud uses both Artificial Intelligence and automation to help target relevant customers with digital marketing that will attract them. It helps you collect, sort, understand, and analyze data about the first second, and third parties, helping you get to know your customers and the different audience segments they belong to. This platform comes with 4 main features: Email Studio, Journey Builder, Analytics Builder, and Marketing Cloud Connect.

Email Studio helps you tap into a larger audience size by helping you create smarter email campaigns that can be reached by all customers at any time. Whether you are writing an email for a big primary audience or have it be just for a one-on-one email, this tool helps you reach your potential audience with the right tailored and personalized email. Choosing the customized approach when writing an email helps make you stand out, showing your customers you actually care. This is something that is hard to achieve when you have to filter millions of customer profiles in seconds and break down a big population into smaller segments, but this tool helps you do it.

Journey Builder helps you manage your customer’s journeys by developing personalized relationships on a large scale at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Companies are able to deliver seamless and outstanding customer services and experiences with different modes of interactions like mail, adverts, mobile and the web. It harnesses all your customer’s data based on their purchasing patterns, behavior, browsing history, preferences, income and many other factors. What is important is that it makes sure you use even driven triggers to respond your customers by delivering the right message at the right time.

Analytics Builder helps you measure performance across multiple channels and across your customer’s lifecycle stages.  Performance and results at every stage and level can be measured where you can see actual against desire. This will help you understand where you currently are, where you should be and if there is a difference then how can you get there. All in all, this approach can be adapted for better experiences and results.

Lastly, Marketing Cloud Connect acts as your switchboard for moving back and forward amongst these different tools. You can gain insights by accessing salesforce reports and campaigns as well as easily target customers by tailoring everything according to them. The best thing is you can use all your CRM data directly in your Marketing Cloud.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud?


With the help of Artificial intelligence the platform makes interaction more personalized and tailored where you can create more deepened customer relations. It helps build beautiful and engaging email content that can be sent in confidence. Finally, equipping your data with the Einstein tool enables you to communicate more effectively.


No one can beat Salesforce when it comes down to Salesforce. You are able to send emails in complete confidence and it has an encryption functionality that keeps your data highly secure and safe from anyone.


The marketing cloud doesn’t narrow down your solutions to a narrow number, in fact it provides businesses with a wide range of solutions that help them to connect to its customers on a larger scale. Have it be for social media, generating leads, email campaigns, marketing campaigns, this platform has a solution for everything.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Offering personalized customer services will automatically help boost customer engagements towards the business platform. Showing your customers, you care and are taking out time for them will make them want to buy from you. For this to happen, it’s necessary for the business to have a 360-degree view of its target market with regard to all aspects.

Boost Sales

Business are able to preplan by predicting expected sales with the help of detailed insights, reports and analytics. This helps them get a rough idea of where they will be after a certain period of time from today, allowing them to plan and make decisions accordingly.

It’s a Wrap!

In today’s world, every company wants to be on top in its respective field. That is why the answer at the end of this blog is to integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud to give your business digital marketing a new kick start.

To implement it we can help you, RT Dynamic is an Official Salesforce Partner firm and has completed several projects in Salesforce Integration, Customization, Implementation, and more. Interested? Get in touch with us today for a FREE Business Analysis session. We will be glad to assist you!!

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