Why choose SuiteCRM for the Call Center Industry


Call centers are hubs for customer care services and continually receive large amounts of requests directly from the customers. Lags and delays in handling these requests are not an option and can tarnish the image of the company completely. SuiteCRM helps avoid all sorts of lengthy delays in the conventional call system by making it more robust and responsive to customer needs. It helps the customer care representatives adapt better to the system while performing several intertwined tasks. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 5 amazing ways how SuiteCRM makes for a handy solution for streamlining your customer care services so your clients always get the best.

Central database

By solidifying all the database onto a single platform, SuiteCRM provides a one-stop solution to all the customer information, making each call more fruitful. It facilitates the Customer care representative to have adequate client information pertaining to his/her purchasing history, interests, registered complaints and queries prior to the call. This helps to speed up the process and saves a lot of time while avoiding lengthy calls that people abhor to wait on. Customer knowledge beforehand further helps to instill a sense of concern and connection with the client by the company thus reassuring them to be the priority.

Strategic planning and filtering

Real-time data plays a vital role in boosting a company’s efficiency. SuiteCRM targets it and provides management for an optimized performance. After facilitating to provide a condensed data underhand, SuiteCRM categorizes and filters data which helps the managers to devise strategies to best address complaints and entertain customer requests.

Automated escalation

For an organization to succeed it is imperative that it appraises its customers and highlights their loyalty. Through an automated system provided by SuiteCRM customers are ranked and catered as per priority. Through a thorough evaluation of complaint statistics, revenue generated per call, number of purchases made, call volumes and feedback reports, a subcategorized priority database can be generated to focus on. This helps the company to boost its productivity by attending to its serious and interested customers. This monitoring shapes a rich customer base thus enhancing the sales.

Employee performance evaluation

Customer care representatives are the heart and soul of this industry. Dependent on their one-to-one interaction with the customers, the call center industry finds it of great interest to eradicate all possible loopholes at their end for ensuring optimal employee performance. Checks and balances are vital for keeping the company running as any slack in this fast-paced industry can cause harm no matter how big a business it is. For this, SuiteCRM facilitates with its custom dashlets separate for the employees which can be used to keep track of their calls, customer history, and activities. Similarly, through these dashlets, SuiteCRM provides a feedback forum for the customers as well for their respective call representatives. While on the other side, managers can have their own set of dashlets which can help keep a degree of surveillance, track overall employee performance and develop a mechanism for rewards on the desired performance.

SuiteCRM Integration with other software

Through SuiteCRM call center industry gains a forum to consolidate different applications and software suited to their needs on a single platform. SuiteCRM integration helps merge diverse needs related to finance, marketing etc. closest to company’s interest and requirements avoiding the hassle of working on multiple systems simultaneously. This digital solution helps to enhance the coordination amongst different departments, in turn, facilitating the company profile.  

Key Takeouts!

For a fast-paced industry such as the call center industry, SuiteCRM provides a technology savvy solution for juggling multiple tasks and lubricates the system for smooth running to a degree that no call goes to waste. If you want your company to outperform others by providing the best customer care get your hands on the handiest customer management tool. So Get in touch now. We would be happy to assist you!

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