What Makes SuiteCRM The Most Suitable CRM For Small Businesses


If you ask any company how they expect to get more positive feedback from customers for their products and services, the most common answer that you will hear is to provide a better customer experience.

To have a complete hold on the market, many leaders put greater emphasis on the customer experience than the product or pricing. According to statistics, 86% of buyers will spend more if they have a positive customer experience. So, how can companies improve their customer service? The solution begins with the implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software into the company’s core processes. For this very reason, in 2019 the global CRM market was valued at USD 40.2 billion.

Now let’s talk about, is CRM used in big companies only? The answer is definitely, “No”. Today CRM is used in companies of all sizes and in all departments such as retails, marketing, finance, health, and travel, etc. but the difference is, in small-sized companies, there are custom CRM’s that will not cost them much and also deliver the best customer experience.

If we ever compare different CRM solutions available in the market one CRM that always comes first in our minds is SuiteCRM.It is an open-source CRM platform and today it is considered one of the most popular CRM platforms. There are five reasons why it is suitable for small businesses. 


Small businesses have limited financial resources, which does not allow them to invest heavily in digital systems such as CRM because they require more capital for daily operations. But SuiteCRM is open source so small businesses it does not require a lot of finances, they only need to invest in customizing the platform to meet their specific needs, and they also do not have to pay for any licenses because it can be downloaded for free. As it is open source and does not invest in marketing and sales distribution efforts like premium brands do, SuiteCRM can lower operating costs for the firm by as much as 96 percent when compared to registered CRM solutions (which ultimately increases their product pricing). There are no hidden membership fees or charges as CRM is considered one of the most transparent open-source software.

User Friendly

SuiteCRM’s simplicity and user-friendliness are two of the main reasons why smaller firms like it. Users of the CRM require little training because all interfaces have been thoughtfully designed and are simple to customize even for beginners.

Moving your client data to SuiteCRM is simple since the platform’s standard user interface includes simple accounting, quotation management, and lead management dashboards and modules that can handle any data from your customer interactions easily. As a result, a small firm does not need to spend a lot of money training its employees to utilize the new CRM because everything is self-explanatory.

On-Demand Scalability

SuiteCRM is available as a free download for on-premise Customization and hosting, as well as a cloud-based scalable model in which businesses pay only for server power utilization rather than the number of users on a per-user billing method. This allows SMEs to concentrate on building their business relationships rather than worrying about increasing their expenses by adding more users to the CRM. SuiteCRM provides SMEs with an interesting range of options from which to choose, allowing them to select a CRM model based on the amount of storage required for their operations rather than the number of users.

Large Support

SuiteCRM has a large online community that has been gradually expanding over time. The number of community members globally is expected to reach 126,000 or more by late 2020. It supports 69 different languages and is great for helping businesses maintain a positive relationship with their local community. Moreover, the community assistance will help you in integrating new features much more quickly by providing detailed directions and examples.

Reporting and Analytics

While most SMEs use CRM to help sales and marketing professionals lead their efforts, SuiteCRM has a number of useful functions for the entire business, including customizable reporting of recorded or processed data from a variety of sources. As a company that will utilize SuiteCRM, you will be able to create custom reports and run analyses on tailored data to make faster decisions.

Small enterprises are focusing on providing market services without compromising quality. To take customer connections to the next level, it makes sense to invest in CRM software like SuiteCRM. With a big worldwide community and easy Customization possibilities, SuiteCRM has become the de facto name in CRM for SMEs, 

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