SuiteCRM Security Suite: Control What Users Can Access


In the modern age, no company is safe from data theft. Every other day we will come across a news headline that an unsuspecting company had gotten their data compromised. Data breaches occur frequently and it is our responsibility to keep our data, and that of our clients, secure. 

The funny part is that it might not always be expert hackers breaking through your barriers. The truth is usually far less exciting, like a company employee who has access to the data. That or systems that are not secure, or just bad company policies that require passwords to float around. Compromised data is not only bad for consumers but also your company itself, because of the legal ramifications. Legal settlements can cost you a pretty penny, and your credibility could take many years to recover. 

Security Suite by SuiteCRM is a tool that can prevent all of this from happening. It has the essential features that prevent data breaches and keep it safe and secure from any internal threats.

Limited Access

SuiteCRM has already proven itself to be a reliable platform to store and access important data. It is an exceptionally powerful CRM after you have customized it to your needs. Teams have utilized it greatly to either close leads or provide superior customer service. The data is quick to access and gives employees the ability to be more productive in their time. 

This is all well and good, but not everyone needs access to sensitive information available to them at all times. Giving everyone access to everyone is a huge liability even if they are company employees. This statistically greatly increases the chances for someone to accidentally expose the data to outsiders, who may or may not have the right intentions.

Security Suite lets you create security groups where you can insert members into each group at your own discretion. 


Each group can be given access based on their job description, so only what they need to conduct business regularly. These specific levels of access are called roles in Security Suite, this dictates what employees can do with records. Depending on their role, they can either view, edit, delete, or cannot do any of the above. 

Hierarchy Setup

The system follows a simple hierarchy, all of which is based on the security group and the role of employees. You assign where each of these roles and groups lies in rank, so groups of higher rank can access much more than others. Groups also have assigned owners who can control access if the restrictions form a bottleneck anywhere, to provide temporary access.

Peace of Mind for You and Customers

Having complete control over who has access to what data does create an assurance that changes can easily be made. Owners and system administrators have to make sure the right people have permissions and then rest easy knowing it’s done. Employees will also not be burdened with the extra responsibility that comes with access to more records. They simply have to stick to their own roles, which have been already configured for them initially in Security Suite. This creates a tension-free environment in the workplace which leads to higher productivity because of fewer things to worry about.

Efficiency and Security

Now that everything is safe and secure in a neat hierarchy, we can talk about the efficiency of Security Suite. By only having the data that they have access to in front of them, they can focus on the task at hand. They will not have to dive into the complete database to find what they are looking for. The result is a more efficient experience for employees as they are not dealing with all the clutter in between. Admins can also create custom layouts for each of these groups, with the ability to log in and provide support. 

Key Takeaway

By working with Security Suite you can prevent any mishaps in data due to restricting who can even access it. You can rest easy knowing that such leaks are impossible from within the organization. Employees too will not have to shoulder the responsibility of unnecessary data access and just focus on their work. Our SuiteCRM Developers can assist you in making the necessary tweaks to further protect your CRM from breaches. 

So get Security Suite now and secure your data!

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