4 ways SuiteCRM can Grant Marketing Campaign Success


Businesses tend to push out marketing campaigns with a large focus on the best reach possible. This may sound pretty nice at first, but a lot of this will end up being a wasted effort. You really have to segment and get to know your market, before you push out a campaign on them. It’s better to get the right people on board, instead of bombarding the general populace with your message. This is why you must gather data on the target audience that you are going for. If you want successful marketing campaigns, you will need a powerful CRM like SuiteCRM to help you.

Since your SuiteCRM is already collecting and managing all of your data, you will need to leverage all the information. The information will let you know what type of content should be created and to who it should be pushed. This includes all the emails, social media, and other channels that are required to engage the right consumers.

How SuiteCRM enhances Marketing Campaigns

1. Know what Attracts your Audience

CRM makes it easier to understand exactly what it is that makes your audience tick. This is because at every touchpoint data is collected, and over time they form trends. You can then use these trends to gauge the overall change in the behavior of customers and know what they need. 

SuiteCRM can equip your business with the tools to segment customers, even when these things change over time. It will continuously adjust customer patterns like their preferences and other buying behaviors. The best part is that all of this will be automatic and in real-time.

This makes marketing teams much more proactive when it comes to changes in the environment. They can then craft marketing campaigns according to those changes and change up their strategy.

2. Message Content and Timing

Having the right message crafted is an achievement on its own, but sending it to the wrong audience will render it useless. Just because you have a large and robust database does not mean that the best idea is to cater to all of them at once. With SuiteCRM containing your segmented audiences, your marketing team can now further cater their messages to them. Help yourself keep the content relevant and actually get actionable outcomes instead of being ignored. 

By having the right messages being sent out to your segments, there will be a stronger chance of high engagements. No more marking the messages as read and ignoring them as they will be relevant to their needs. 

3. Better Preference Management

Various workflows and automation will go through and clean your data for you. By trusting in SuiteCRM you will bring your own rate of human error down by a significant margin. Data for unsubscribed people is also handled automatically, so there is no fear of accidental emails to their inbox. The interface of SuiteCRM is intuitive and simple to use to ensure your team is performing at maximum productivity.

By going through with automation of workflows, your marketing teams will not have to constantly make changes to customer preferences. Throughout, data protection compliance is always ensured. No more keeping track of the tedium of administrative tasks and more free time to make engaging marketing campaigns.

4. Defining a Marketing Campaign Process

By going through the process a multitude of times, the process will start to become clearer. Overtime, SuiteCRM will also be learning from your data and customer behavioral patterns. Hence, it will be updated by the time you use it for new segmentations for newer marketing campaigns. Every time you have a successful campaign, the associated data for that success lets the system know valuable insights.

Future campaigns will always start with a sturdy foundation based on the insights from the last one. Based on the performances of the previous ones, the factors that resulted in more engagement can be tracked and replicated. With such a large amount of data and track records, the team can feel compelled to craft newer and improved campaigns.

Perfect Marketing Campaigns with SuiteCRM

So there you have it, SuiteCRM will have you creating successful campaigns with ease. A basic rule of marketing, but generally forgotten is that in order to market to customers you should know them first. You can merge this with SuiteCRM integrations suited to different marketing channels to complement campaign creation.

Marketing as a profession is becoming difficult due to all the choices available for customers these days. You have to compete with rivals and stand out amongst the crowd. Using a CRM like SuiteCRM will allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

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