Skype and SuiteCRM Integration


Everyone at some point has heard of or has used Skype. Skype is one of the most popular video-calling platforms in the world. Being acquired by Microsoft some years back, it is now more feature-rich, robust, and stable than it ever was. For the longest time, Skype was the go-to application for this feature as it was available on every device. A lot of people still prefer Skype to the newer alternatives, because it has still retained its quality. Skype is still being used heavily for business functions, making communication with clients more accessible for all. When integrated into SuiteCRM, video calling from Skype can give enhanced benefits to a business.

Once integrated, there is much more value you get from using Skype. Besides the core function, you have the added benefit of automated records and analytics with your Skype. 

Skype Features

HD Calls

Calling via Skype has one of the highest quality of audio as well as video. Whether you are in a conference call or a one on one session, you will experience secure connections with a lack of latency. Perfect for an uninterrupted client call or conference meeting.

Live Captions

Client from overseas with a thick accent? Live captions are generated for every spoken word during the call. Listen and read every now and then to get the full picture of what they are conveying to you. Every little detail counts when interacting with new leads and discussing important transactions. 

Record Calls

Skype itself lets you record every call, so you will not be needing other software to run in the background. This lets you keep recordings that you can go through later as a reference point, or for evidence

Screen Sharing

Due to the work from home nature, screen sharing has become an important tool in business. It makes it easier to explain to clients how to use a specific interface and then provide support. 


Skype conversations are protected via end to end encryption according to the industry standard. The platform is hence safe for confidential discussions and important meetings. 

Benefits of Skype and SuiteCRM Integration

One Interface

When using the Skype integration, there will be no need to open the main Skype application. Everything you need will be made available inside the interface of SuiteCRM. This means that you will not need to constantly switch between platforms to do something. Everything Skype related will be made available inside SuiteCRM’s single interface.

Call Directly from SuiteCRM

With SuiteCRM integration, you can directly place and receive Skype calls from within the CRM interface. Meaning you just need to connect your Skype or Microsoft account to SuiteCRM, and you will have full access. Important information pertaining to the account is also available on display while you are both present in the call. This ensures you will not make a mistake when having to quote something from their records. Calls are as easy as making a single click.

Note Taking

While on call, SuiteCRM gives you the option to make notes that will be connected to that contact. Having this ability will let you store contextual information on things that need to be done ASAP. Alternatively, it can just store key insights from the call. You can further customize a SugarCRM module that stores these notes for all contacts in one location.

Call Details

The particulars of the call can be viewed right after the call is completed, and at any time after that. Details might give some immediate insight into what the next step would be. For example, you could directly add that lead into a specific campaign directly from that screen.

Key Takeaway

Adding Skype to your technology stack will make your business more accessible to outsiders. Skype is extremely easy to use and has a large install base already so getting it will open the door to more leads. With integration comes the same functionality, but faster and with a few tweaks for automation and added efficiency. Skype can also be used to call clients without Skype, and at lower rates using Skype credits. 

So get Skype integrated into your SuiteCRM and enhance communication with your clients.

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