How to Use CRM Assistant to Boost Your Sales Productivity


Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy to manage customer relationships by focusing on core customer-facing activities like marketing, support, and sales. CRM software tools are for streamlining a business’s daily operations. They help in tracking sales activities and nurturing leads. Businesses benefit from the data insights gathered at various customer touch points, assisting them in sending the right message at the right time and boosting sales and customer retention. Optimize your CRM experience by seamlessly integrating Rolustech’s CRM Assistant for Gmail can be integrated into your CRM platform.

Using CRM To Increase Sales

In essence, CRMs give Improved Access to customer data that grows sales by providing actionable insights that improve the entire sales process, streamlining lead generation and qualification. CRMs have tools built in that can make it easier for employees to record customer data, log their business interactions, and create reports based on that data for their managers. Read more about CRM benefits here

These systems also make it easier to manage new leads by automatically collecting and organizing information about potential customers. This means salespeople can focus their time and effort on the most promising leads and follow up with them at the right moment.

In short, CRMs let businesses manage customer interaction at each point in the sales operation, from prospecting to lead conversion.

Not only are CRMs useful in sales, but they are a great support platform. They can automate the tasks like case assignment and escalation processes. Administrators can even set up notifications and reminders to follow up with the customer until the case is closed.

Customer communication is a critical part of both sales and support operations. CRMs can store customer information, but what they don’t do out of the box is keep track of customer interactions on the platform. CRM users need to use add-ons to store conversations such as emails in the CRM.

Introducing CRM Assistant for Gmail

A common challenge faced by the Sales and support teams is their struggle to update CRM data from emails manually. This constant switching between platforms disrupts workflow and hinders productivity. A solution is needed to automate data entry and streamline processes, allowing teams to focus on customer satisfaction.

CRM Assistant for Gmail is a purpose-built add-on that connects Gmail with the CRM platform. It removes manual data entry, streamlines communications, and improves workflows. It allows users to save emails to their related CRM records and manage SuiteCRM records simultaneously from within Gmail, even on mobile devices. CRM Assistant makes sales and service representatives mobile where they can deal with clients wherever they are, increasing productivity.

How does CRM Assistant Improve the Sales Process?

For CRM users it can be tricky to record information received over email to the CRM and link it to the record concerned, say as a note. But if you simply link the email to the record, your job is done in one step instead of three. Using the CRM Assistant in Gmail, users don’t need to leave their inbox to archive an email to SuiteCRM. Emails can be archived with or without attachments, making them much easier to organize.

Additionally, users can auto-archive emails from up to 10 addresses, thus you don’t ever lose important communication. Automating archiving means that all emails from the selected address will be archived at the end of the day so you don’t need to archive each email individually.

If you have an email whose address is not in your CRM, you can add it as a contact or lead with a single click. You don’t have to copy and paste information from one place to the next. You can also create records from scratch using the Quick Create feature.

For added convenience, CRM Assistant’s home page contains all your upcoming calls, meetings, and tasks for the day, making it easy to stay on top of your activities. As the time for a particular activity passes, it is removed from the section so your view is always decluttered and your focus is always on the next task.

Another useful feature of CRM Assistant is that you can view and edit records from your inbox. You can search for records globally or within a module, sort records by name or date, edit them to correct information, and convert a lead with a single click.

A Comprehensive Solution

With CRM Assistant, you get all the benefits of CRM for your business while conveniently connecting and managing it from your Gmail inbox. This CRM, Gmail combination makes CRM Assistant a must-have for businesses valuing efficiency.

Allowing sales and support representatives to work from their inbox, and not making them switch between different platforms throughout the day, CRM Assistant is the ultimate tool for boosting sales performance.

CRM Assistant can be added to Gmail from Google Workspace Marketplace and requires a SuiteCRM plugin which can be trialed for free for 30 days from SuiteCRM Store


CRMs offer valuable customer data insights to improve sales and streamline processes. However, manually updating CRM data can be a pain point. CRM Assistant bridges this gap by seamlessly integrating with Gmail, automating tasks, and keeping teams focused on customer success. This comprehensive solution empowers sales reps to work efficiently from their inbox, ultimately boosting sales productivity.

Integrate our CRM assistant with your Gmail to boost sales productivity, improve workflow, and get more from your CRM.

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